Oil Investors Worried, Bitcoin Investors Satisfied

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Oil investors may be experiencing various concerns due to geopolitical tensions. However, this is not the case for Bitcoin investors. Because Bitcoin seems to flock to almost.

Bitcoin Rally Real
With its current rise, Bitcoin managed to raise its price from $ 7,300 to $ 8,400 two days ago. After the tension between the US and Iran increased last week, the Bitcoin price increased by approximately 16%. According to analysts, this is not a coincidence…

Bitcoin has been going through a $ 7,000 consolidation process for a long time. However, after the recent political and geopolitical developments, it is stated that this process is over and the rise has started. In addition, other “safe haven altın assets such as gold also react and increase in the same way.

Oil Investors Worried
According to the WSJ, oil investors are skeptical of geopolitical price increases, although there have been significant increases since the US murder of Kasim Suleimani.

In addition, there has been an increase in oil prices after the Iranian retaliation that took place today. Nevertheless, investors are starting to withdraw from oil.

Rebecca Babin, a senior energy investor in CIBC Private Asset Management, makes the following statements in this statement:

Many investors sell because of geopolitical events. If you think you've seen any geopolitical rally last year, you're wrong.

In September, oil prices rose by 15% after the attacks in Saudi Arabia covering most of the crude oil production capacity. But less than two weeks later the price had returned to pre-attack levels.

Asya If these recent events turn into a regional conflict, it could pose a significant risk, Steph said Stephen Innes, chief Asian market strategist at AxiTrader, on US stock futures.

Source: Bitcoinist


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