Monero Successfully Completed Its New Hard Fork!

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Monero (XMR), one of the oldest of the privacy-oriented crypto currencies and still the largest in total market value, has completed a new hard frok to prevent ASIC devices from mining in the network.

In a live broadcast on YouTube, the Monero community stressed that the hard fork named RandomX also processes the proof-of-work algorithm. RandomX uses both random code implementation and memory-oriented techniques to make it more resistant to ASIC devices. In fact, Monero's battle against ASIC devices has been going on for almost a decade, and developers are launching a new hard fork every time.

CPU Mining Increased, GPU Decreased!

It is also mentioned that the update was implemented to increase the mining through CPU and thus to make the network more decentralized. Therefore, those using GPU mining may also observe a slight increase in mining difficulty after the new update.

The Monero team believes that ASIC devices create a kind of centralized effect because they can be produced by very few companies in the world. Nevertheless, there are also important figures in the crypto currency industry who think and argue the opposite of Monero developers. The name behind the BitTorrent protocol, Bran Cohen, stressed that the ASIC-resistant PoW algorithm is only a dream and empty hope.

Despite all these updates, Monero's main concern is being delistacized by many stock exchanges due to its confidentiality. The pressure exerted by the regulators causes the XMR to delistate rapidly.


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