Libra boss is Bitcoin fan

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The Libra leader attacks Bitcoin as digital gold, while the BaFin boss wants to prevent Libra from becoming a parallel currency, which poses new challenges for regulators. Meanwhile, self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright raises the question of whether plagiarism has been plagiarized in the white paper.

Libra boss David Marcus: Bitcoin is digital gold

Libra board member David Marcus has not only broken a lance for the planned Facebook Coin, but also for Bitcoin. Compared to the US economic news channel CNBC, Marcus outed as a longtime Bitcoin fan.

I started working on Bitcoin in 2012 and am a big fan of Bitcoin and what I see as digital gold.

However, he sees a problem in the high volatility of Bitcoin.

If there was a bit volatile, stable version of Bitcoin, my life would be so much easier. We could just add it to Calibra,

Marcus said on CNBC's The Squawk Box.

ING Bank: CBDC conceivable in five years

The advantages of a digital currency, which BaFin boss Hufeld has addressed, are also reflected in statements by leading employees at ING Bank. In a video on digital central bank money Teunis Brosens, responsible for digital and regulation, points to the weaknesses of the existing financial infrastructure.

The main advantages are on the one hand in the wholesale trade of the financial markets. We see that the existing financial infrastructure is outdated. It's expensive, it takes a lot of time, compliance is difficult.

ING chief economist Mark Cliffe also considers the introduction of a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) inevitable:

It will happen much faster than we thought a few months ago

Cliffe is optimistic about the ING video.

Whether the publication of the white paper by Libra has influenced the joy of reform here?


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