Does Konya Crypto Make Money?

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Crypto currencies continue to develop rapidly all over the world. In addition, steps have been taken in our country regarding crypto currencies. Turkey's first crypto currency seems to come from the city of Konya.

“City Coin”
Konya Metropolitan Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay in his last statements on a municipality began to work on the crypto currency and the name of the "city coin" announced to the public.

Speaking at the mayors' session at the Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Exhibition organized by the Presidency and held at ATO Congresium, Altay said that they are aiming to make transactions under the municipality with the crypto currency they work on. In addition, according to Altai's statements, “city coin vergi is aimed at making tax collections.

Along with all these, one of the biggest tasks of the municipalities to find “to find money Alt Altai, the first municipality that issued its own crypto currency to be the first municipality expressed that they are open to all cooperation and said:

The most important task of municipalities and mayors seems to be to find money. We're working on Blockchain. We are wondering if we can produce a “city coin.. I don't know if we can be the first municipality to print their own money. We are ready to cooperate in this matter. In particular, we are working to see if we can create an ecosystem by giving our social assistance with this or we can trade with the companies in the municipal participation. Maybe we can create our own ecosystem if we can get the taxes of the municipality by legal regulations in the future.

No Steps Taken
Although the Mayor of Konya announced that they were working on a “city coin medi, no concrete steps were mentioned. Therefore, it is not yet clear at what stage the studies are going to take place or when. But Turkey is a candidate to become the first municipality crypto-currency "city con" will be followed every development related to


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