Bitcoin: App brings BTC to Amazon, Starbucks & Uber

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With the Fold App, you can now pay with Bitcoin at Amazon, Uber, Starbucks and other companies. The app supports the Lightning network and comes with a bonus program for early adopters.

If the ailing Bitcoin course is to scale to new all-time highs, it needs mass adaptation, the common assumption among crypto-enthusiasts. If the largest cryptocurrency is integrated into people's everyday lives according to market capitalization, the Bitcoin price should rise as well. Finally, BTC is a scarce commodity, the maximum stock is limited to 21 million units.

But crypto currencies are too cumbersome for many: get a Bitcoin address, set up a wallet and then buy BTC - because you often resort to Fiat. To address this problem, more middlemen enter the crypto-space. They switch between users and products, simplifying the payment process via Bitcoin.

Fold app brings Bitcoin to Amazon, Burger King, Starbucks & Co.
So also the Fold app. The company announced on September 25, via blogpost, that users of their app can now pay with Bitcoin at Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, and other retail customers. Even more: If you use the app in its initial phase, so the further promise, should get up to 20 percent cashback in Bitcoin. The current companies in the cashback program of Fold:

Burger King
Dunkin donuts
The Home Depot
South West
T.J. Maxx
For this one can, according to Fold, synchronize his Bitcoin Lightning Wallet and / or his credit card with the app and collect Satoshis. The thing still has a catch - who is looking for the app in the Play Store for Android or in the App Store for iOS, will not find it.

The bonus program and the waiting list.
Because to participate in the bonus program, you have to register on the official website. Who then shares his link with enough acquaintances, moves up the waiting list for the Fold App. If that sounds too pyramid-shaped, you have the option to use the web version until further notice.

Who uses the web version, currently has to go a detour. So you can buy via the Fold App coupons via Bitcoin and the Lightning network for the specified company. These coupons are ultimately used to shop at the company itself. "Convenient online shopping with Bitcoin" would take a bit too far.

By the way: The Fold app is not the only middleman that builds the bridge between crypto currencies and mainstream. For some time, Lieferando has also made it possible to pay with Bitcoin at Burger King & Co.

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