"Where were the 'brave', 'heroic' gun owners?"

Not around here... or anywhere else I've ever lived.


Anti-gun bigots frequently ask why gun owners don't intervene and stop attackers more often-- which gun owners claim as one of the main reasons they own and carry guns.

Maybe my situation will illustrate a possible reason.

Say I have a gun or two and am willing to carry to protect myself and others.

However, because of rampant anti-gun bigotry and statist support for it, the reality is I have 4 options:

  • I can stay home.
  • I can go out of the house but leave my guns at home because there are no essential businesses in this region that lack a "We don't care if you die!*" sign at the door. Thus, bolstering the anti-gun bigots' point that guns are useless for defense of society and might as well be banned.
  • I can go out, but leave my guns in the car, rendering them useless for defense and more vulnerable to theft. Thus, again proving more of the anti-gun bigots' points.
  • I can go out, armed, in violation of the signage.

That's it. Those are my options.

And this is in Texas and New Mexico-- supposedly fairly "pro-gun" places.

A right you are unable to exercise is worthless and might as well not even be a right. Just a wish.

That's why evil losers are able to commit mass murder, time after time, with little effective opposition. I find this situation unacceptable.

I know other gun owners who carry and say they've never seen these anti-gun signs around here. Am I hallucinating all the signs? or are the other people selectively blind to these nasty insults to human dignity?

What solution do you see? "Too bad"? "Move"?


*Ignoring for a moment whether there is any such thing as a right-of-way since there is some contention on that point, I see a big difference between property that is accessed "by invitation only" and property which is "open to the public" for business or such.


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Comments 3

My library district quietly dropped the "staff are not allowed to carry weapons" paragraph from the employee handbook. Not that I would ever carry a weapon on my person at work.


15.12.2019 09:02

The last "normal" job I had, the employee handbook forbade weapons. Yet, I think the owner and manager knew I was armed and didn't care. I think most of the time that paragraph is boilerplate and doesn't necessarily reflect the actual views of the business owner.

16.12.2019 01:07

Oh, and the day an angry husband showed up on the site to confront (and he said he was going to kill) his wife, I was glad I was armed. We locked all the doors, but if he'd set fire to the building or something, we'd have been trapped without the option to escape the building if we had to. He could have just picked us off like flies as we fled. I didn't mention this thought to my very excited co-workers.

16.12.2019 01:09