Licenses don't impress me


Licenses are BS. Yes, all of them.

I don't care whether you have a license; I care that you can do whatever you claim you can do.

I have nothing against training, certifications, endorsements, etc. I might even be impressed if you can show me credible proof of such training.

But licensing is none of that.

Licensing doesn't mean you are capable; it means you have gained the approval-- the permission-- of some political gang. It means you have paid the gang for that approval and permission, and in exchange, the gang won't (might not) murder you for doing what the license allows you to do-- something you probably already have a natural human right to do.

For some pitiful people, a license means they believe the gang is a legitimate source of competence. Either by feeling proud of their license, or concerning themselves over the licensing of others. That's not how I see it at all. A license will never impress me-- competence will.


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Comments 1

Most licenses mean that you know how to fill out a form and wind your way through bureaucracy.

I have taken tests from people who had no clue about the test they were giving.
I have been to building departments where i had to educate the plan checkers.

Proving competence would be great, but when you know that most must pass, the bar is set so low that it doesn't keep the incompetent out, just the unlucky who showed up on the wrong day.

03.05.2020 23:48