Story of a real iron man

Hi, @dulip here, today I'm going to share something about a special person of 21th century. He is one of the major characters in the world who needs to change it...I can define him from many designations and many areas such as great business mind, industrial designer, engineer and the founder of spaceX, Tesla and the boring company and so on....Now we all know his name Elon Reeve Musk...



In 28 th of June 1971 Musk was born in a middle class family.. His father was South African and mother was Canadian but he childhood was spent in South Africa...He attended to University of Pertoria,South africa short period of time before he moving to the Canada..After he shifting to Canada he went to several Universities.. From University of Pennsylvania he took the digree Economics and Physics...

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In 1995 he left from the University Musk and his brother Started their first company Zip2 and in 1999 he sold the company for over 300 million dollars. .At the age of 27 Elon Musk became self made millionaire, but that is not smooth easy way... Once Musk told to the media that some days he had to manage from one dollar..

He is following some important steps and I like to share with you my friends.. Now we will list out those..

Believe in your dream and think big...

The best motivation is the failing...

Love to your work ..

Take risks..

Do something important..

Focus on signal over noise..

Attract to good people..

Work super hard ....

These are some the few things I have listed from Musk's life. Fail big is the most important concept of Musk.. He told that after failing someone will learn the reality and what is the correct way to follow, but if we don't take risks and stay calm that will not be the the Musk's way... He is telling that if your opponent works 50 hrs. per week then you have to work more than 100 hrs. per week, according to him that is called as working super hard....



Today I shared a story about a person who changed our world
So I think you will be interested in this article..
Thank you for the valuable time....😍😍😍
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I personally like his character and he is the most famous person in this world at this movement. The achievements, inventions, that he has gained during the last decade are priceless and that led him to become the second richest person in this world.

11.05.2021 07:35

Thanks for the feedback bro

11.05.2021 07:53

The best motivation is the failing.

I love to read auautobiographies and quotes of people who achieved their goals and this is my favorite quote of Elon.

He has said if you wants a motivation to do something you better don't do it. That is so true since if we make our passion as our profession, we don't need such thing as motivation.


11.05.2021 08:24

Yes sis.. Thank you very much for the feedback

11.05.2021 09:17

I do highly agreed to his theory of taking risks and motivating from my own failures. Once I failed from something it motivates me to do my best at next time. My best teacher is my last mistake. Like Elon Musk, I learned many from my drop downs.


13.05.2021 16:22

thanks for your valuable comment

13.05.2021 16:25

I am also one of my favorite people. His inventions cannot be put into words. He is a person who impresses everyone.

14.05.2021 04:13

thanks bro

14.05.2021 04:58

@dulip ,

Fail big is the most important concept of Musk.. He told that after failing someone will learn the reality and what is the correct way to follow,

This thing is most valuable advice for our life.
Normally if we got fail automatically we give up and leave.
But it is the start up of correct way.

Thanks for encourage life shearing like this post.


14.05.2021 05:16

Yes @inudi, Thanks for the positive feedback 😉😉

14.05.2021 05:27

I think he is a guy who comes up with one of the strongest comebacks. Take a risk, that is the best thing that I have gain from his journey. If we do not take a risk in life, we may have to be in the same position for a long time. If anyone wants to be a millionaire, then try to change up the system, think differently.


14.05.2021 18:13

Thank for the idea buddy

14.05.2021 18:38

I do not know anything about the person you are referring to. Of course I am interested to find out about him through your this article. However, he seems to be a very high person. I definitely hope to write an article about him in the future as well.

You allso positive person@dulip

15.05.2021 11:51