The Mystery of Evolution!

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The Mystery of Evolution...

The world has gone from high tech to prehistoric as they fall to their own primal urges and instincts to hunt and destroy everything and everyone around them to become the top of the food chain. As America has become nothing more than a third world country relying on aid from other countries such as Russia, the annihilation of North Korea and places such as Mexico, Africa and those countries that have always been considered poor and underdeveloped are now leading the world. As they already know how to live in such dire conditions.

Evolution has started taking its toll on the world along with the redevelopment of society under leaders such as Mcstrump and Putin. The world has turned to such things as wrestling to past the time and to help decide major issues that once use to be decided in courts, government agencies and the offices of the World Order. The current UOW tag-team champion Evolution roams the lands of his forefathers as he searches for the next level of evolution as he continues to evolve daily.

He came across an old military bunker near the base of an old abandoned mining shaft, he makes his way down the shaft and into the bunker as he begins to search for whatever may be there. Evolution doesn't normally look for things but with the new problems of the world, his old instincts are starting to kick in especially with his current title defense against the Russian team. As he searches he finds as old office filled with documents all in Russian, he begins to move them around when he knocks over an old grandfather clock revealing an unlocked vault door. As he slowly opens it he stops in his tracks as he sees what's inside. As he stands there staring at the contents it brings back memories of an old story he was told but for some reason, the memories seem more than just from a story but as if he was there.

Story Flashback...

Commander Grayson Volkov leaned back from his desk, pushed his chair back, and ran a hand through his hair. He exhaled loudly, stood up, made himself some of the strong, dark coffee he liked, unbuttoned his tunic collar, and went and gazed out the window overlooking the Kovalevsky Forest Preserve on the Rzhevskij Poligon where the Red Terror took place. He needed to think, he needed to come up with a solution for the problem that he was confronting, and absolutely nothing was showing itself.

Commander Volkov was Fifty-two well-toned years old his hair was raven black, with some traces of steel-grey. His well-groomed mustache was the same. He was tall and muscular, standing erect at 1.9 meters. He was still trim, with very little fat, and weighed in at 90.7 kilograms. He had taken good care of himself throughout his career.

He had been in the service of the House of Leonid Brezhnev ever since he was thirteen years old. The educational system on Stalin Prime screened all children when they were twelve years old. The screening decided how the child would be educated, what career they would pursue (what careers there were available on Stalin Prime,) and pretty much how they would spend the rest of their life. Grayson displayed higher than average intelligence.

He received a military education and was appointed a non-commissioned officer at age eighteen. He entered the Brezhnev infantry but very quickly moved to the Spetsnaz Corps and then into the GRU. He was commissioned a junior officer by age twenty-five and given even more responsibility.

At age twenty-seven, the young officer was sent off-planet for the first time in his career. He traveled to the Soviet space station on a private mission for the House Brezhnev. From the Soviet space station, he was sent to a secret location somewhere in the Middle East, to the ancestral home of the House of Vladimir Ilich Lenin and mortal enemies to the House of Brezhnev. He had his eyes opened and his sites set on the Patriarch of the House of Lenin.

The House of Lenin, like most of the country, was a poor had become poor. Over there, the people concentrated primarily on fishing and foreign trades and Military sabotage. On this mission, he worked mostly in security as he gained access and befriended the family of Lenin.

The House of Lenin kept no slaves, no staff that they could not control or did not trust. Yet, the House of Brezhnev used slaves for the most difficult and dirty jobs on their properties. There were other differences as well, the feelings of oppression and hopelessness that existed in Motherland were not present in the Middle East. The people were poor, but they were able to find ways to come up with a living mostly illegally. Indeed, the House of Lenin was often seen with and by the people making sure to display their superiority. Commander Volkov was in charge of security for the House of Lenin, as there was no roaming police force at that time, Like the House of Brezhnev could afford or command. Commander Volkov did not see the fear in the Patriarchs eyes as he watched him every minute of every day.

The Commander would cultivate a contact in the House of Brezhnev, and over the next few years, the two would exchange information. Commander Volkov, however, had a talent for weeding small and useful tidbits from his contact. He was promoted twice after his return to the House of Brezhnev and then reassigned to active duty on the front lines. It appeared that there was a small revolutionary movement simmering in the Motherland with the intent to kill the Patriarch of the House of Brezhnev. Commander Volkov found the movement, but it did not impress him. It was nothing more than a small band of citizens, angry and frightened, doing some anti-political attacks. Commander Volkov discreetly began to take out each and every one of them as he evolved into something much more.

The reassignment to the Kovalevsky Forest Preserve played right into Volkov's hands. He was out near the small villages and the anti-political establishments, where the people were the most oppressed and the most dangerous. In two years' time, he had a valued and secured private information network up and running. He had even made inroads into the anti-political establishments. He couldn't start an armed revolution; the people had no weapons and the penalty for possessing one was death due to all of the attempts or discussions about them. Although Commander Volkov passed all sorts of useful information to the House of Brezhnev by way of the midnight meetings and private messages with his superiors. Commander Grayson Volkov was laying the foundation for a sound Soviet takeover.

And then came this what appeared to be a silly or pointless assignment. The Soviet President's nephew liked to hunt for sport with some of his friends at the Kovalevsky Forest Preserve. But they didn't hunt game. They hunted children, preferably between the ages of ten and eighteen, whose parents had been given slave or prison sentences by the courts. The children did not last long, either being killed by the military hunters or dying of exposure while being hunted. Indeed, some of the bodies were never found. When a child was committed to the preserve, it was given a tattoo with an identification number on the inside of its mouth. That way, when the child's body was found, he or she could be identified. But lately, there had been a new and interesting twist to the "sport" at the Kovalevsky Forest Preserve.

Some of the military hunters had become the hunted. It was happening with greater frequency. Four men would go out and three would come back. One, or possibly more, of the children, were killing the military trained hunters. The firearms would not be taken; they could be traced with the radio tap. But knives and clothing would always be taken and when the slain hunter was found, there would be no trace of the killer except a few muddy footprints leading nowhere. Commander Volkov's assignment was to find this dangerous new hunter.

The House of Brezhnev had been ordered to turn over control of of the country, and all military information, to the new World Order by this new world power. The change had taken place, but the Patriarch of the House of Brezhnev was not pleased. He was losing a great deal of income and power. His nephew rarely showed at the Kovalevsky Forest Preserve; there was something big going on concerning the Arrakisnew World Order and he felt his nephew was involved with that. But some of the former leader's friends still showed up to hunt. They, unknowingly, would help Commander Volkov solve his problem. And with no Soviet leaders poking their nose into the affair, Commander Volkov had a free hand.

Commander Volkov unbuttoned his tunic completely, sat down again behind his desk after refreshing his coffee, and pushed a button. A dark-eyed brunette of average height and slim build entered the office and smiled.

Yes, Commander?

Mika had been a baker in one of the poorer villages near the Kovalevsky Forest Preserve. She had passed the test to enter the New Soviet leaders service, and got hired as an administrator by Commander Volkov. She was very smart and had a clear and cool mind, but women were definitely second-class citizens in this new evolution of the military. Commander Volkov's instinct told him that things did not quite square with Mika. He had done some background checking but could find nothing definite. She did, however, appear to have all of the qualities of a Nancy Astor. But Commander Volkov was not sure if she was a renegade sister or a plant. The New World Order was very secretive, and no one really understood their motives. She was, however, very useful. And, like the new Soviet leaders, Commander Volkov did not waste talent.

Commander Volkov
Mika, did you look at these folders? The Mentats picked these four, but I can't help but feel, in my gut, that it's this fifth one the GRU dismissed.

Commander Volkov stated while pointing to a fifth folder.

So you did have a GRU assessment of the children used in the hunts?

Remarked Mika.

The current leadership must think highly of you to allow access to GRU files and they picked four?

Commander Volkov
Idiots, all muscle and no brains.

Growled Commander Volkov.

Commander Volkov
Yes, they did have a GRU investigation look at the thirty or so folders. But I keep thinking it is this fifth child, a boy, which the GRU did not single out. My instincts say that the GRU is wrong or hiding something.

Mika knew about instincts. She was a Nancy Astor prodigy and a plant. Her function was to keep an eye on Commander Volkov. Her reports, sent at a regular basis to the New World Order, had opened their eyes to the fact that Commander Volkov was building an active resistance. She also alerted them to the fact that Commander Volkov was exceptionally intelligent, a natural leader, and displayed the morals and ethics of a world leader as opposed to the former leader. He was a diamond in the rough.

Perhaps, Commander Volkov, since you have so much freedom in this matter, it would be best if you investigated all five?

She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head to the right as she answered. The Commander leaned back in his chair, folded his hands on his chest, and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes. Then he cleared his throat and spoke.

Commander Volkov
I have a plan!

Commander Volkov spoke calmly.

Commander Volkov
The former leader was one cruel bastard. He would tell the children before they were released into the preserve, that there was a sanctuary of sorts in the village. If they could escape and make it to the sanctuary, they would be set free. Of course, Mika, that was complete fiction. Not only was there no sanctuary, but also escape would be almost impossible. And if a child did escape, they would be killed but that was the House of Brezhnev.

Mika moved to the desk and picked up the folder containing the information on the fifth child. She glanced through it quickly.

Commander Volkov, it says the boy was thirteen and his brother was ten when they were released into the Forest Preserve. That was five years ago. He would now be eighteen. He could be completely feral. Indeed, two years ago a party of Soviet mercenaries went hunting, and none came back alive. He may be very dangerous indeed!

Commander Volkov

Said Commander Volkov, looking at her and smiling,

Commander Volkov
If this boy or girl or whatever has survived and become a killer of that skill in five years, he is just what I need in my organization, what we need in the Soviet military. I am willing to take the chance, are you? Besides, I think that for him to survive in the preserved environment he must be both physically and mentally evolved.

Agreed, but you must be willing to accept the fact that you may not be able to civilize him or control him.

Commander Volkov
I'm willing to take the risk.

Fair enough, what is your plan?

Commander Volkov
It's pretty simple, we release about five new children into the preserve. We seed them with the false map to the Sanctuary, although this time it will be embellished a bit. We keep them in the preserve for two weeks or so while we create an escape path. We can't make the escape path too easy, or our prey will suspect a trap. We invite a foreign military hunting party to draw the killer toward our escape path. I know some useless Middle Eastern soldiers who will work nicely. And then we lead him right to our sanctuary. Then we see what happens.

Easily done, what happens when you have this young man, for I strongly believe it is the boy as well, in your custody?

Commander Volkov
Then you take over!

Said the Commander, grinning slyly.

Commander Volkov
You, with your Psychological skills, are going to evaluate him!

Mika smiled, turned on a heel, and left the office as the Commander turned his chair towards the window and gazed out of it.

Back to the present...

Evolution snaps out of his daze as he shakes his head and walks right into the fault, you can see the smile on his face as it's full of American Gold Bars, what appears to be a working computer system and dozens of File cabinets all of which interest him. The Gold alone was a major fine as he will never need for anything and he can use it to help this world his homeland to reach their next level of evolution during a time of immense poverty.

He walks around trying to count the stacks of gold but gave up after the first couple hundred, instead, he began to search through the file cabinets when he came to a file folder with a name he knew and hadn't said or heard in ages. He sat down at the desk with the computer system and began to read it as he opened it up. He instantly knew he had to keep this file and never let another person see it. He placed it inside a bag on his waistband and out of curiosity reached over and hit the power button on the computer. It started right up without hesitation, he knew whoever was here last had been a computer wiz in order to keep this online in today's world.

He quickly began to type in a few search engines trying to find pout any information on his opponents for the Kentucky show. He was able to find a few things on Boris Drago and Dasha Ivanova. After a couple of hours of sitting there reading about his opponents, he would finally do what he normally doesn't do he typed in the URL for a live feed straight to the UOW and his opponents and began a private message just for them.

Dasha, Boris welcome to the "Age of Evolution", as you will soon see or better yet will soon find out, who I am and why you're not on my level. I am Evolution, and I am one-half of the tag-team champions but don't think for a moment that I need her but don't think I won't accept her help in evolving you in our match.

He sits there as the cool air flows through the fault giving him a bit of a chill being so far underground, but the shine from the gold warms him up as he continues to speak.

You two believe that because your Russian and your leader is running things in today's world that you're entitled to what's mine. That you deserve to hold my championships around your waist but allow me to educate you. I am more than a man, more than a legend, myth or fairy tale. I am greater than science, religion or a dream, I am everything I am evolved and I am what everyone should strive to be. I am Evolution and I continue to evolve with every passing moment as you and this world continue to devolve and continue its de-evolution.

Boris, don't think that Putin will save you I know more about your leader than you know, he can't save you from your destiny and Dasha I won't even have to touch you as my partner Rayven will cause you to either "Evolve or go Extinct"!!!

He shuts the computer off as he sits there faced with the possibilities of what he can do with all of that hidden gold and what could possibly be inside the rest of the file cabinets.

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