Conspiracy Theories! (P45 Rp#1)

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St. Mary's Catholic Church
Unknown Location

A single light shines brightly down upon Anthony Craig as he sits there waiting for the Society of Michelin Chefs to arrive. He has been called upon once again as if he was their very own errand boy. Anthony Craig realizes at least this time they made an appointment with him and not just kidnap him as usual. The restaurant has closed early due to this last-minute summons, the place has been extremely busy as of late with the holidays and end of year specials Anthony Craig just doesn't have time for these things.

Prestige Forty-Five is creeping upon him, as the days seem to fly by almost as if disappearing without a bink of an eye. The customers all stare and chatter amongst themselves as they see "The Chef" Anthony Craig, whether it be cooking, serving or just doing what he does inside the restaurant or outside of it. he knows what it is all about but he tries to ignore them.

The "Taste of Hong Kong" has been completely full with lines wrapped around the block as the waiting list to get a table has been more than two hours long. The local gossip around Hell's Kitchen and the wrestling world has been full of conspiracy theories, it seems every man, woman, child, and wannabe has some kind of thoughts on whats going on with Anthony Craig and his association with the SMC.

Anthony Craig has refused to answer any and all questions on the topic or about the challenge made on his behalf. He knows he has been called upon tonight to answer to the SMC for not taking a more public approach to this situation. They keep him waiting for quite sometime before the members enter the room taking their seats around the table. He can hear the sound of a choir singing upstairs along with the sounds of feet stomping around.

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Chef Gordon Ramsey: Anthony, welcome to our world, you starting to see we run things all over the world, now don't you? We were surprised when Mr. Xiaolong made his announcement requesting competition and you did not step up and take that offer. You see, we told you we wanted that XHF Phoenix Championship and that's exactly what we meant. So we accepted that match for the title for you Anthony.

The Chef: I am far to busy to worry about answering an open challenge when I'm sure the cards are against me and the champion does not have the ability to know what a five-star chef like myself is cooking.

The SMC stare at him with disdain and malice as if they were staring at a child who has openly defied their parents.

Chef Gordon Ramsey: Anthony, do I need to remind you where you are and who you are talking too? Allow me to remind you of something, your place of business the landlord of that property is a man by the name of Alex Stanton right?

Anthony Craig looks around for a moment before replying to the Master Chef.

The Chef: Of course, but you already knew that so what about it?

Chef Gordon Ramsey: To show you our power we possess and what you still haven't realized, I have a present for you.

He reaches down into his briefcase and pulls out a manilla envelope sliding it across the table in front of Anthony Craig.

Chef Masaharu Morimoto: go ahead and open it, take a look then take a moment to realize exactly what those are and what it means.

He rips the envelope open and pulls out the papers inside, as he reads through them his face becomes as cold and hard as two-day-old Ciabatta bread.

Chef Gordon Ramsey: Anthony, now do you see what you are up against if you go on your own? You need to read the recipe and stick to it because if you don't you will fail as a chef and as a wrestler, we will make surer of it. You think all of the conspiracy theories are just that theories, but they're not there is truth mixed in with them. That is what makes the recipes so great.

The Chef: So what is it you really want from me, I have done everything you have said without burning a thing, so you tell me what I am supposed to do.

Chef Gordon Ramsey: It's simple my protege like we told you before we want the XHF Phoenix championship, so create a five-star recipe and bring that to us. Go into Prestige 45 and defeat this Xiaolong and teach him to cook.

The Chef: And when I place this Xiaolong into "The Mixer" and I "Flambe" him then I want you to deliver these signed over to me, that is my condition's for my help.

Chef Aaron Sanchez: You don't make demands and you sure as Hell can't tell us what to do, we control you, we own you and we can simply destroy you and your business. So do as your told and watch your attitude!

The SMC turn to each other as they whisper amongst themselves, discussing the next step in this recipe if recipes.

The Chef: You heard what I said, but either way, come January 11, of 2020, I will walk into that arena in Florence, South Carolina and completely out cook, out deliver and out-think Xiaolong and walk away with his precious championship belt that you all so desire. I pride myself on being the best, being a five-star chef and a five-star athlete so I won't decline this match and I won't back away from it.

Chef Gordon Ramsey: Good, good we like to hear that, you bloody wanker, now, we want to make sure your opponent knows this and knows he won't be taking home a doggy bag. So I will have a special food critic at your place first thing in the morning with a camera crew where you will openly announce your new recipe to your opponent Xiaolong and the world.

The Chef: Sure, just remember what my conditions are.

Anthony Craig stands up and turns to walk out of the room but before he starts to walk Chef Ramsey stops him.

Chef Gordon Ramsey: Oh, Anthony, remember the Society is everywhere... And that's not a conspiracy theory.

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