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Why become a Dtuber ?

Why become a DTuber ?

Everything you always wanted to know about DTube (but were afraid to ask)

Dear Steemians,

Why should you become a DTuber?

Since a video is worth a thousand words, here is why our community strongly believe in DTube :!/v/ashtv/QmRZMemN8bZ9Pqmk5peZrqjjtgGbCiDSJU7oBZLmuL5ZgP
Thanks to @ashtv for explaining DTube in plain language

How does this resonate with you?

  • Respect privacy : I don't want my data producing value for tech leaders any longer
  • Give choice and awareness: I don't want my choices to be influenced by hidden algorithms
  • Foster human empowerment: I believe community moderation is better than automated algorithms
  • Promote transparency: I want to see clearly how value will be distributed
  • Believe in decentralization: I feel like decentralization brings both user protection and cooperation, at the heart of the Internet (at least in its founder's minds)

If you abund to either of these 5 claims, then DTube could represent a great alternative to traditional social media for you

Creators: DTube, another revenue stream implemented in 2"

Did you know you can share a video link from almost any existing online platform (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, LiveLeak, Vimeo, Dailymotion) and do livestreams too?

What impact does this mean for a creator?
So as a creator you can dually post your content within seconds.
You will be able to gain both DTC (currently in testnet) & STEEM (tradable in FIAT) on a new channel really easily.
NB: uploading via IPFS (decentralized file storage protocol) still works : you make the choice.

Many centralized video platforms offer monetization via advertising services. As DTube is now compatible with these platforms, it indirectly enables our users to monetize their videos with ads and add views to their accounts.
So creators could be cross-rewarded on both platforms, in FIAT, STEEM and DTC.

Plus you can can potentially benefit from @dtube power vote if you produce original content.

Play the curation game and be rewarded in STEEM and DTC

We believe in sharing value between all stakeholders, whether they create content, curate (e.g. seek & share) specific content, promote it or just watch videos.

Any user can gain DTC by posting, voting and commenting videos but now also by tagging.

A glimpse of the future

We believe we can convince users to support social projects, turning passive viewers into positive social contributors.

Winds of change are starting to blow. The trend towards decentralisation is accelerating
As the Chinese proverb says: “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

Will you now join the over 7,500 Steemians that have already claimed their accounts their DTube Chain account?

Join the DTube Coin airdrop party!

Create your DTube account in 2 clicks by claiming your Steem username to become eligible for the upcoming DTC airdrop.

Just follow a few easy steps:

  • Watch the explanatory video: here
  • Read the how-to article: here

Contribute to building DTube!

By following DTube on different channel, you add value to the upcoming DTC you have earned.
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