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Steem Blockchain maintenance: DTC token sale update

  • Previous Date: 06th September 2019

  • New Scheduled Date: 20th September 2019

STEEM Blockchain Maintenance

Due to circumstances beyond our control (the ongoing issues on the STEEM blockchain following HF21), two features that are critical for the good development of the sale are affected:

  • Account creation
  • Transfering STEEM and/or SBD

As a resolution we have decided it is safer to postpone the planned DTC token sale round #1 event originally scheduled for the 6th of September.

Our team wants to make sure that Steemians will be amongst the first users to be able to buy DTC. For that matter, we want to ensure we will be able to accept STEEM as a payment method.

We are precautionarily postponing the event until at least the 20th of September.

Status review

This is two weeks from the initial intended date. On the 13th of September, we will perform a review of the status of the STEEM blockchain to ensure that it is a suitable medium upon which to transact.

Should STEEM fail to meet requirements we intend to delay a second time (further updates will follow on the 14th, this will be a go/no-go)

The DTube Chain was not affected

The semi-good news is that the DTube blockchain is not impacted when these issues happen. This means you can still use DTube if you already have your DTube account.

Just log off or disable STEEM by clicking on the STEEM logo in order not to get errors. Changing the API node for STEEM can also help during the long replays after hardforks.

Keep calm and follow us

This announcement obviously comes with some significant regret for us, however feel it important to take the steps necessary to ensure everyone who wants to buy DTC with STEEM can do so.

We hope that you, our community, understands why we've taken these measures and that while undesirable, see that it is an unfortunate requirement for the good of all of our users.

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