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DTube Open Sign-up

We're proud to announce that on Wednesday the 18th of September DTube will be opening its doors to non-steem users for the first time.

Non-Steemians can now finally sign up for DTube on:

The Steps

We currently collect these pieces of information:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Email (+1000 VP, +0.1 DTC). Facebook Account (+1000 VP, , +1 DTC4. Phone Number (+100000 VP, +5 DTC)
    Tse information are not collected for the purpose of marketing, but purely to avoid kids under 13 from accessing DTube, and most importantly stops robots from programatically creating many accounts, as happened with the SteemIt signup near it's inception.

If you complete the full verification steps without skipping any, your starting account should begin wi with 6.1 DTC a3000 VP.

Keep in mind those numbers are purely for the testnet, and we will likely be less generous once the main-net and token trading opens.

Testnet Accounts

These newly created accounts will not be included in the up-coming airdrop. As such they are not entitled to any main-net DTC and all users who have created accounts using this method will lose them unless they acquire an initial source of funding in main-net (participation in the token sale)

STEEM userbase

Over the past 24 months, ou our userbase hasourished with 189,000 active users, and a rough average of 20 new videos ever hour. During this time we've distributed 1.1 Million USD-equivalent to our users via the delegation we've been entrusted with.

Avalon users

There are a number of reasons why Avalon is the right step forward for DTube (You can read more here).

With this comes the opportunity to have Avalon users who are not steem users. This means we can create as many accounts as needed and allow new users to be onboarded rapidly.

We feel this will help us acheive a wider audience, introduce DTube to more people and allow them to get going as fast as possible.

STEEM Onboarding

As noted during the Delegation renewal procedure, created accounts are a metric that the new delegation committee will be measuring from now on.

STEEM accounts are a commodity, they cost a small sum to make and to create a new STEEM account on each new DTube account, would probably be a waste.

We plan to offer free STEEM accounts to the best DTubers who don't own one in the future, based on their "performance".

DTube had no ability to evaluate users before and users which are clear assets to the community can be rewarded with STEEM accounts.


New users who do not own a STEEM account will still be eligible for curation, as we would like to give everyone the same chance at getting visibility in hot or trending. No preference will be given to whether you have a STEEM, or Avalon account, or both. We will keep judging videos based on the video alone.


We are commited to making STEEM better and hope that DTube can serve as a gateway for users to co-exist along side steemians and then when proven worthy brought into the fold.

We're very much looking forward to the future and hope you'll assist us in welcoming all new users.

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