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Dtube main-net is now live!

Hello dear DTube community,

When DTube launched, more than 3 years ago, during a bull-market, it stemmed from a community desire to expand the features of the STEEM blockchain into the realm of video. The freedom granted by combining blockchain technology with decentralized file storage, was the reason behind the initial success of DTube.

We kept improving the product over the years, adding most requested features, although sometimes going into dead-ends and wasting development time. During that time, STEEM slowly turned from a 'pretty good dapp incubator', to a bomb ready to explode. We all saw recently how that explosion happened, and how difficult it is to govern something with such a pretentious goal.

Our new blockchain Avalon, is dedicated to the dapp, and will be ran and governed 100% by dtubers, rather than random anonymous miners. This will finally give dtubers total independance and control over DTube.

Unlike most other Dapps that will require you to stake another token (STEEM/TRX/EOS dapps), or pay a fee (ETH dapps) for transactions, on DTube you will simply need to hold our official DTube coin into your account, and nothing else.

Trading DTube Coins

These DTube coins will also finally be tradable, and have a real-world value. Currently we have Ionomy. Hive-engine and Uniswap trading pairs will follow in the upcoming days. More exchanges is on top of our priorities following the launch.

After today, the DTube project will have a total marketcap and a valuation. So far the only data we had, was the 1M DTC token sale. On average, about 500 unique accounts purchased 2,000 DTC each, and there was a total of 76 different countries for investors.

The initial supply was set really low to only 4,000,000 DTube Coins. The final inflation for the main-net will be around 20% yearly unless leaders commonly decide to change it through a hard-fork.

What will be the value of the DTube coin? Nobody knows for sure, but from this fundamental data, our team believes that the $0,10 price for token-sale was a massive discount. We will know very soon if markets agree.

What's next?!

After this launch, DTube makes a great step forward, but it won't be the last. Our team intends to keep working and adding value to the project, and to play the catch-up game with the bigger video platforms. We are still missing crucial features that could increase the userbase and utility of the coin. This year we will work on these crucial features that will add massive value and utility to Dtube coin and right now all we can say is we have exciting plans for content creators, community, investors and Dtube coin. Besides the general UI improvements, small features and mobile app we have several huge features which will help Dtube to reach next level and we will slowly announce these features in the next couple of months.

For those who were here around the start, and kept using DTube for all these years during the bear markets and dramas, thank you. Your long-lasting trust in our work is what made the project go this far. We hope to see you keep proudly using DTube in the future.

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All the best,
The DTube team

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