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Dtube Challenge: results & best comments - over 2000 Steem in rewards
Image courtesy of @leotrap

Dtube Challenge: results & best comments - over 2000 Steem in rewards

Dear DTubers and Steemians,

DTube challenge is over and first 500 comments in terms of DTC earned have been reviewed by our curation team. We are more than grateful to our community who participated in our first challenge.

DTube is and will remain different from any other social media platform because of the way people interact, comment, vote and support content creation and curation.

What is the prize for winners?

  • 1st winner: 300 STEEM! * 2
    nd winner
    : 150 STEEM
  • 3rd winner: 100 STEEM
  • 4th winner: 75 STEEM
    *from 5th to 10th: 50 SSTEEM each
  • frm 11th to 50th: 20 STEEM each
  • frm 51st to 100th: 10 STEEM each


Claimm your account on the DTube Chain, the claiming period is limited in time.
More about how to claim your DTube account: here

  • You need a Steem and a DTube account
  • Applies to comments posted on DTube only
  • Tag your comment with #DTubeChallenge(changed to soft rule)
  • Challenge runs from July 13th to July 28th
  • Multi account or cheating will lead to exclusion of your comments by the curation team

Lets ave a peek to winnners from #DtubeChellenge:

1st Winner


2nd Winner


3rd Winner


4th Winner


Congratulation to all
of our winners!!
Special thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to DTube challenge , all the rewards will be distributed to winners during the week.
If you enjoyed it and have ideas about new challenges, please do mention them in the comments :)

Few weeks remaining! - Now is the time to claim your Dtube account:!/v/ashtv/QmPncKrWPyh8Eh1tYXjTtwFakJ8i5EW5h8MNwsCDUxAQ6M

DTube is conquering the world, one channel at a time.
Did you join to our Telegram channel yet?

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Contact us, crit , celebrate witwith us from these channels. We need people who will give us feedback during development process, we see it as the only way to improve.

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