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DTube Account: Lost Key Replacement (a one time only process)

DTube Account: Lost Key Replacement (a one time only process)

Where did I...?

Hi fellow Dtubers/Steemians,

For the vast majority of active DTubers at the moment who doesn't have any issue with their account keys: this post does not apply to you :)

This post details the required steps needed to perform account recovery in the event that you have lost your key

N.B.: we intend to ensure that all users are very well aware that they own responsibility for their keys and that ...

...this will be a one time only process

We are able to perform this activity only because DTube is transitioning between a testnet and a mainnet in the near future.

We will be bringing a lot of content from the testnet into the mainnet - including accounts.

If you have lost your key and notify us via the process defined below, DTube to replace the public key for your account during this transition - and during this transition only!

This will be a one time only process

If you lose your key again, your account will be unrecoverable, you will need to make a new account and you won't be able to get the DTCs from our main-net airdrop.

DTube does not intend to perform this activity EVER AGAIN! This is your only opportunity to recover your account if you have lost your keys, it will not happen again

Having heavily stressed upon the one-off account recovery, lets move on to the process:

Step 1: get a new key

You will need to acquire a new key pair from here

Click "Save to Disk" and download the provided file, then ensure the file is backed up in at least two additional locations (desktop, phone & laptop for example). You can now close this page.

Step 2: send an encrypted memo to @dtube containing your new PUBLIC key

This step verifies that you have created a new key and that you are the holder of the key which has been created.

Send 0.001 STEEM to @dtube with a memo which contains your key in an encrypted form from

To do so add a hash at the state of the memo.


For example I would send


Plain text keys will still be counted. However users may receive messages from key-protection services warning them they have divulged a key. As long as only your public DTube key has been sent, you are free to disregard these messages.

Step 3: Giving us the information we need

Visit this url:

  1. Paste the new public key into the form
  2. Provide us with your account name

Step 4: Wait for mainnet

During the account creation process for mainnet, your old key will be replaced with your new one - should you have performed all the actions correctly.

If there are any issues with the information provided, a member of the DTube team contact you.

One week left to claim your account and be an early DTube adopter by following us!

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