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All you need to know about DTube token sale round #1

All you need to know about DTube token sale round #1

Dear Steemians and Dtubers,

Since the announcement of the first DTube token sale round here, we have explained with more details the different steps in the coming months for DTube to launch its full token economy (check the full roadmap here if you missed it)

Today, we are focusing on the details about this first round that will start September 20th, 2019.

What is this token sale for ?

Funding the IEO

DTube will conduct a first token sale as a seed funding for its upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

As most of the businesses built on top of Steem, the (very) low market price for the Steem token hits our financial power pretty hard.

For the sake of our IEO, we are willing to collect $100,000 to fund the following expenses:

  • Legal compliance, Terms & Conditions, utility token legal opinion: $40,000
  • Exchange fees for 2 IEO rounds: $40,000
  • Marketing boost: $20,000

Onboard the best Exchange

We are counting on the whole Steem community to make this first round as successful as possible. Why?

Because this will be a great determiner to the success of DTube's IEO:

  • First, we are currently in talks with some of the world's very top exchanges. A fast sale will greatly help to convince them in accepting our IEO project
  • Second, a successful IEO of a Steem DApp will bring strong confidence from crypto markets and investors in our ecosystem. Other DApps will follow!

What's in for investors in this round ?

We will conduct the first ever DTC token sale round, that will guarantee the highest bonus of all following rounds, so don't miss this one!

Token sale details

We will conduct the sale on the dedicated DTube token page (to be released very soon).

When will I receive my DTCs?
Investors will buy the real DTC utility token, i.e: no need for an ERC-20 and no need to swap the token.

  • We will start the DTube Chain Mainnet for the sake of this token sale. Investors will be able to check their balance on your channel on the DTube interface.

When will the token be tradable?
DTC is a transferable asset, but it won't be exchangeable during the token sale period. You can expect to be able to trade it by Q4, 2019.


  • How many tokens for sale in round #1: 1 Million
  • Total amount that will be sold to investors: 25 Million
  • DTC initial circulating supply at launch: 100 Million

Event details

  • Sale price: $0.10 (most preferred rate along among all further DTC token sales)
  • Payment method: STEEM, BTC, ETH and EOS
  • Sale duration: Sale starts on septembber 20th, 0019 at 18.00pm UT (London time zone)
  • No Soft cap
  • Hard cap: 1 Million DTC

12 days left to claim your DTube account for free

If you are willing to participate to this upcoming token sale and airdrop, you need a DTube account.

Claiming your account is free for Steemians until September 1st.

Go to and click the "Claim account" then follow the 3 steps carefully.

What if it didn't work ?
If you don't see the popup above, follow this procedure:
1- Clear your browser cache
2- While on DTube, log out your steem account and refresh the page. Then log again to Steem, the pop-up should appear

  • The process on a smartphone might not work well (we are working on an update). If you don't see the pop-up, please try it on a desktop computer.
  • If you are using Steem Keychain it might also not work smoothly. If so, try connecting directly using the Sign In button on DTube
  • If it hasn't worked or if you see an error message, please refresh the page and verify if your account has been created before doing the process again.

For support from the team and the community, please ask for help on our Discord channel, go to the About Page or comment this post.

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