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2,000 STEEM prize for the best comments on DTube! (July 13 - 28)
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2,000 STEEM prize for the best comments on DTube! (July 13 - 28)

Hello Steem/DTube community, today we have great news for you!

We know you love a good old CHALLENGE and that's why we're lauching a 2,000 STEEM prize challenge!

As we are gearing up to 5,000 Steemians who already claimed their DTube Chain account, we want to emphasize on some very innovative functionality: comments!

Up to 100 winners: everyone can win!

Did you know a comment can bring DTC when upvoted or downvoted?

We the DTube team, think it's a great way for people to interact over videos, creating very valuable engagement between DTubers.

From July 13 to July 28th, the DTube curation team will retrieve the list of the top 500 comments in terms of DTC earned and review each of them to avoid exploits and abuses.

The top 100 best comments win a prize!

Be creative, be bold, be funny: be yourself :)

Prize for the winners

As you will see, everyone can win, even if you just claimed your DTube account today:

  • 1st winner: 300 STEEM!
  • 2nd winner: 150 STEEM
  • 3rd winner: 100 STEEM
  • 4th winner: 75 STEEM
  • from 5 to 10: 50 STEEM each
  • from 11 to 50: 20 STEEM each
  • from 51 to 100: 10 STEEM each


First a quick reminder: don't forget to claim your account on the DTube Chain, the claiming period is limited in time.
You can find everything about how to claim your DTube account: here

  • You need a Steem and a DTube account
  • Applies to comments posted on DTube only
  • Tag your comment with #DTubeChallenge
  • Challenge runs from July 13th to July 28th
  • Multi account or cheating, will lead to exclusion of your comments by the curation team

Also, resteem this post as much as possible to make it a massive success!

Good luck to you all
The DTube team
@heimindanger / @macron / @steeminator / @nannal / @hetmasteen

Spread the word and contribute!

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