Inside look as Vancouver activists try to thwart cannabis legalization in 2018

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This video is censored, and the place it was taken has been raided and shut. But who are the criminals here? After watching this insider's look at grassroots cannabis activism, you'll know for certain.

Filmed by DRutter in Karuna medical dispensary & lounge (after hours), Vancouver BC Canada, 6 months before "legalization". I feel it's vital this unique footage be available, to show what really happens behind the scenes at the heart of cannabis activism.



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A lot of well-known faces in that smoky room!
I hear YouTube is now banning all accounts they deem "not economically viable". Which means the drutter channel and anything similar. They've declared themselves the gatekeepers of truth. Disturbing.

12.11.2019 07:53

We've had some really fun times there! It was the start of great times, I really miss it and our friends we used to hang out with there.

12.11.2019 08:00

It's good that you got lots of memories there, not to mention quite a few pictures, videos, and audio clips! Hopefully another incarnation of Karuna arises someday, to be an oasis for patients and activists again.

12.11.2019 08:01

cool lounge.... cool people.... cool medicine......
a moment in time! <3

12.11.2019 08:04

Thanks for posting this, and thanks 3Speak for hosting it!
An important night to remember and document.

12.11.2019 08:14

This activist on the Big Island Of Hawaii was just acquitted by a jury after a four year legal battle. It gives me hope.

12.11.2019 22:59

Dozens of activists were arrested and charged/imprisoned this week here in Canada, including several high-profile and prolific patient advocates and revolutionaries. So many peaceful people hurting in jail, and all the patients they were helping now going without.... for a corporate monopoly called "legalization". So it's awesome when we do get a little bit if good news! Thanks for the link.

13.11.2019 01:08