YouTube banned me for not social distancing

▶️ After attending a freedom rally and uploading the footage, YouTube deleted it and banned me for discouraging social distancing! They're really micromanaging every opinion they allow to be expressed on their platform, and if you don't spout the official narrative, you're gone!

Thankfully, we have decentralized video platforms like LBRY/Odysee, 3Speak, and Flote. They're essentially free of censorship, and never mess with topics like cannabis activism, or other peaceful civil disobedience.

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▶️ LBRY / Odysee

▶️ 3Speak

▶️ Flote

Links to my other video platforms:

The video that got me banned


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It's an interesting dilemma around free speech, censorship, civil disobedience and public health concerns. Kind of a which is most important scenario. Clearly Youtube chose to air on the side of censorship over the others.

Sorry about your account. Sometimes these are automatic things that get reinstated without any action in time.


21.05.2021 19:44