USA is dramatically inflating their coronavirus numbers

1/3 of the world's known infected are in the USA.

According to official numbers, nowhere else has anywhere close to that portion of the infected, with Spain a distant 2nd at 6%.

China and India aren't even in the top 10, and they've got FAR larger populations.

Looking at deaths, the USA leads the world by a longshot here, too:

From the American CDC's official website, instructions for doctors to over-diagnose covid19:

I won't speculate here why the USA is dramatically inflating their cases and death counts, but it's clear that they are.


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Death counts, yes. Cases, no. Unless you are saying the testing is flawed. If so, provide more links to that.

15.05.2020 17:42

I think interpretation and application of the testing is what's most flawed. The actual tests (serum antibody or nasal/throat swab) are another matter, and probably fine.

16.05.2020 02:39