The Little Seed That Could

I'm growing a cannabis plant from seed to flower in a bucket, with a few gallons of dirt, and nothing but plain water! I'll show you that cannabis plants need nothing more than earthworm castings (worm poop) and good technique to produce high-quality medicine. Every step of the way documented on the blockchain. One shot, one take, no going back! Can I do it? What yield will I get? Watch me and find out!

Check out my previous post here, where I showed what this sprout looked like a week ago:

This is like starting a fire with only one match, except that I'm doing it with an audience, in order to prove a point! Pressure's on!

So far so good. Decent colour, nice shape, seems healthy, still pretty small. Hopefully the roots dig deep into the bucket, and like what they find. I'll water more deeply as time goes by.

I have 10 other Reclining Buddha plants, all having germinated within about a week of each other, coming up in cups:

A few are leggy and leaning. Not sure what that's about. I don't think the stems are damping off. Maybe it's because my fan wasn't working for several days, and they didn't get airflow to strengthen the stems.

I've lowered the lights a bit to see if that helps.

"Feed me, Seymour!" Bonus points for you if you remember that reference.

A twisted sister! I get wonky leaves like that sometimes early on, but after a few nodes things usually straighten right out.

See you in a few days for an update on these 10 youngsters, and my 200% organic bucket challenge!


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Hi @drutter  thanks for sharing these cute little things, can’t wait to see your further update!

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