The COPPA changes to YouTube are disturbing!

I translated and summarized YouTube's notice about what makes a video "for kids":

(I clicked "No".)

All users must tell us if their videos are "made for kids" to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Failure to set content correctly may result in consequences on YouTube and legal consequences under COPPA.

How old is a kid? Anyone up to the age of 13 (or higher in some places).

What is considered “made for kids”?

According to the FTC, a video can be "child directed" (which we call “made for kids”) - even if children aren't the primary audience - if it:

  • is intended for kids
  • is watched by kids
  • has any kids in it
  • appeals to kids
  • can be understood by kids
  • includes kid stories or music
  • could entertain kids

If unsure, hire a lawyer.

We need other platforms!

Are you on Flote yet? It replaces YouTube, FaceBook, and the rest of the big tech corporations! It's completely free, uncensored, truly private messaging, no banning or unfair ad practices, and growing fast.

I've been uploading to Bitchute:

These broad COPPA requirements are disturbing, as are the huge fines imposed on creators who are found non-compliant. Millions of channels are under attack.

And what about channels important for the record, but whose owners have passed away? I know a few of those and I'm sure there are many others. Why should they all be deleted because the owner isn't around to log in and make a selection to please COPPA? So much history and knowledge is going to be lost.

I continue scrambling to skim through my 700 videos (average length 10 minutes) for any sign or mention of children or things related to children.

Good luck, YouTubers. 11 days left.

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Comments 2

It would be really interesting to see YouTube's (real) usage numbers. I bet everything is going way down, especially after December.

29.11.2019 08:20

They'll never show their numbers, especially real ones!
But yeah the mainstream big tech companies are suffering right now. I guess it's what they want though, to get rid of the truth so they can do whatever they want with the sheep from now on.

29.11.2019 08:30