Reclining Buddha 200% organic bucket challenge and garden update

A week since my last update, and you can see my bucket plant is adding nodes, but not a lot of height. Could be worse, though!

You'll notice some damage on the lowest leaf node. I've seen this before, but don't know what causes it. It doesn't seem to spread, or cause any major problems. That lower leaflet has little reason to exist much longer anyway.

The short stature might be because this is a male, resembling the very stout father. We'll see in a few weeks!

There's a Reclining Buddha from the main garden patch. These ones are in cups, and about a week older than the bucket plant. They get more wind from the fan, so they're hardier. I've cut back to 7 at this point. 6 adult pots (plus the bucket) will completely fill my little garden for flowering.

Each plant has 4 active tops now, so they'll be hungry for nitrogen and other nutrients. I will have to move them to their larger pots fairly soon.

Pretty good for plain soil and water, eh?

Grow in peace.

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