New (to me) camera upgrade! Better photography and videography coming soon!

A photographer without a camera would be a sad thing indeed! I'm a content-creator who uses photography and video in almost everything I do, but I've been using the same point-and-shoot Canon sd790 digital camera for 12 years. (Scratched lens, sluggish processor, focus issues, missing pixels and lines, and tape holding it together.) In fact, I've worn out 3 of the exact same camera, and just moved on to my 4th, today!

My "new" camera is only somewhat used. It takes sharp photos, the lens isn't scratched, there are no missing pixels/lines, and it runs quickly. This may be my new love!

But looking back over a few photos I've taken in the past 5 years, I've still managed to produce quite a large quantity of high-quality images. Just a tiny fraction are shown below for your scrolling pleasure. (They've been shrunk down to 640 pixels to fit in blockchain format, nothing we can do about that here.) All photos by DRutter 2015-2020.

Tonight, I snapped the first photos with my new camera:

And look forward to thousands more with my "new" camera! It truly feels like an upgrade from what I've been using for years. Not having a good camera to take photos of my newborn has been depressing. I'm very happy. I look forward to finding a way to upgrade my PC, which is my only connection to the internet, my activism, cryptos, and much more. It's also my only way to edit and store what I create. When it goes down, the camera will do me little good. So that's next.

Happy captures!


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Right on! Excited to see what new pics you will share with us!

16.05.2020 07:38

Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing how these 5 MK Ultras do. They're in their big pots, I was able to source the worm castings I needed, and winter's long gone.... should be a good growing (and showing) season! : D

16.05.2020 07:46

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16.05.2020 07:39

yes i would say those others were very HQ as well, looking forward to seeing the new stuff!

16.05.2020 21:54

Congrats on your third eye! ;)

17.05.2020 07:07