MK Ultra seedling 7 week update photo

This Steem-only post is an update on my MK Ultra seedling progress. We're 7 weeks in to this lockdown garden! I recently finished transplanting my Mango Kush in to new pots with fresh soil (thanks to the lockdown easing up). After a week in the bigger pots, the 5 MK Ultra are doing well.

(Model: 'Feb')

That's about normal growth size for 200% organic cannabis seedlings after 49 days. The stems are starting to look more vibrant, and the new growth (from 4 active tops) looks great. I haven't decided how long I'm going to take them (either flip quickly to flower and start a new crop, or drag them out over the summer and flower them along with their outdoor cousins).

Steem On

I'm posting on other platforms, as always. But I consider Steem a legitimate and important platform, and though I've changed where I hold most of my tokens, I won't end my participation here over the recent turbulence. I hope everybody finds the right place(s) for them, in life as well as online. And if possible, I hope they can grow in peace!


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Looks great man!
I sure wish I could put my LED lights to use... cough cough cough cough cough 🤓

11.05.2020 03:08

Sorry I missed this post bro, but better late then never I suppose. Also it is nice to have many platforms to post from. But the way how everyone moved to hive was such a disgrace if you ask me. What did the old witnesses ever do for our community to have so many people pledge alledgence to them? Its a joke.

15.05.2020 23:22

Thanks bros!
Yeah I know. I don't feel any allegiance whatsoever. I've never even bothered to vote on witnesses, because each time I looked into it, I was grossed out by the majority of the options. But it's another platform, and easy to use since it's basically just a copy, so I will definitely take advantage of it to reach more people with my message.
Steem on and keep up the great work!

16.05.2020 02:16

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15.05.2020 23:23