MK Ultra cannabis photo album

Cannabis is an incredible plant for so many reasons, but the one I want to highlight here is its aesthetic beauty. To me, cannabis photography is a rewarding pursuit that relaxes me and allows me to share something pleasing (and maybe educational) with others.


My 3 MK Ultra females are blooming! That stunning capture is of an upper nug taking shape. These plants are 94 days old, from seed.


Another top bud forming. My plants get nothing but water, soil, air, and light - 200% organic!


Pistils reaching and hoping for pollen. Unfortunately, my Steem OG female went hermaphroditic this week, so these MK Ultra flowers are probably all fertilized. They may not look 'pregnant', but we won't know for sure until the buds are cured and finally busted up to be used.

Have a look at the Steem OG flower, removed from the plant, with both female and male parts:

S3's hermaphroditic flower with pistils, stamen, and pollen.

Back to the MK Ultras...



Those photos are M3, but all three MK Ultra plants are looking good. They flowered a little behind the Steem OG, but they're catching up, adding trichomes and size daily. They smell amazing, like diesel, pepper, and coffee.


The smaller flowers lower down don't get as much light, and will end up as 'pop-corn buds'. Noob cannabis buyers often turn their noses up at small buds, assuming bigger is better. But when you're buying by the gram (or ounce), you want quality, not size! Small buds may be just as potent and delicious as large ones - sometimes even more so.


Looking up along a main stem, at a lower node. Normal female calyxes and pistils here, no pollen sacs!


Another pretty flower surrounded by a bed of glistening trichomes.

And lastly, a 4-image set, each a different zoom of the same photograph (the one in the post thumbnail):





Those are the last photos for now, but that's the beauty of plant photography - there is always something brand new and incredible to capture, and share! See you soon!

If you can't wait for more stunning shots of live cannabis flowers, check out some of my older work, like this, this, or this.



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18.02.2020 06:04

That last picture of the 4 is really impressive! I really would like to get a camera that can take close-ups like that!

18.02.2020 07:30

It absolutely helps to have the right tool for the job!
Thank you so much for your compliment :)

18.02.2020 08:15

they all look happy

those pictures = art


18.02.2020 08:22

Can't wait to see what they look like in a few more weeks. Drooling!

18.02.2020 09:44

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18.02.2020 14:27

Sorry your Steemog was a herm, your attitude about it is top class. Hopfully your MK did not get pollinated that bad.

18.02.2020 16:21

Thanks for the condolences. sniffles I'm okay, just hope we still get some decent bud out of the effort. I mean it's only 100 days of my life, but still. I was really hoping to get this crop under my belt as a success so I can go onward from here in my new place. We'll see.

But what you said made me think. Actually, the MK/Steem seeds would actually be worth keeping. Assuming Steem OG is somewhat prone to going hermie (even without stress, age, or silver sprays), then the pure Steem OG offspring are going to have the same issue.

But the MK/Steem offspring, since one of the parents has stable genetics that don't hermie, might be okay. Perhaps they'll still have a small chance of going hermie, but at least they'll be something new and interesting, and they'll all be females. Maybe worth saving and popping sometime, as long as the grower knows to watch closely for pollen sacs during flowering? What do you think?

18.02.2020 23:37

A lot of really nice pics! We're surprised they're not classified ;) #plantporn

19.02.2020 08:37

Couldn't help myself..... resteemed this post, too!
Great photos for my hemperiffic followers ;D

21.02.2020 09:04