Growing Food and Cannabis in Lockdown - Progress Report

It's DRutter here in British Columbia, Canada, and I'm about 2 months into lockdown. Please check out my indoor veggies, herbs, and... Herb!

That's the space I've got to work with - about that of a small closet. Soon, more veggies (like the tomatoes) will go outside and I'll have more room for the cannabis to expand!

Down the back, soaking up any extra light they can, are the tomatoes. They're crowded in their little cups, and ready for transplant. It might be too soon for them outside, since it's only 5 degrees above freezing at night. I've done tomatoes every year for at least 10 years, probably more. I'm always improving my techniques and my understanding of the plants. You can also see some little oregano seedlings coming up in the same photo.

And those are basil plants! They need more light in order to get big, but the days are getting warm and bright, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Started a handful of cucumber seeds the other day, looks like 6 came up. I'll move them outside soon, too. Hmmmm, tomatoes, cucumbers, oregano, basil.... along with the garlic, squash, and peas I've got outside already.... not bad! And everything from my own seed stock. And completely organic - just dirt water air and soil.

There's a shot along the length of the garden. I make use of the space and equipment I've got, because my budget is essentially zero. I can afford a bag of good organic worm castings every few months, but that's about it. I'm using makeshift lights and other gear I inherited, salvaged, or was given.

As you can see, I'm able to produce some proper medicine with this setup, a bit of patience, and lots of love:

That's the previous crop (also MK Ultra), which finished curing on 4/20. Now I'm hoping these 5 plants are going to do well for me this time around!

This is 'Nov', freshly-transplanted from a small cup. Yesterday I was relieved when a garden shop within walking range reopened after the lockdown, and I was able to haul back some potting mix and worm castings. Using smelly compost from the yard, or perhaps urine, were other available fertilizer possibilities I won't have to investigate this time around.

The plants have each been topped once, forming 2 growing tops, plus 2 more branching from the previous node, for a total of 4 each. The new growth looks healthy, after a bit of a rocky first month.

I like the colour and thickness of the young leaves. Hopefully the transplant will take and they'll really do well over the next few weeks, going into the flip to flowering stage.

I also popped a few Mango Kush seeds and ended up with 2 healthy seedlings out of it. I don't know their sex, but at least 1 female would be nice, as I've never tried that strain before.

Together with the MK Ultra, and with more room as the veggies and herbs move outside soon, I think I'll be able to crank out some delicious, clean, and potent bud for my wife @MediKatie this summer... no matter what happens with the lockdown stuff!

Peace and pot.


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All are very vibrant and healthy looking! Loving that green in the tomato plant. Any way I can get that same green to paint my room?

06.05.2020 22:19

Stay healthy and hopefully you'll all be free pretty soon. The lockdowns have probably hurt the people way more than the wu wu flu ever could.

07.05.2020 05:33

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08.05.2020 06:38

Danks, guys. Glad you liked my plant pictures. It's nice to see so many people growing right now!

09.05.2020 09:07