Day 80 - Society isn't Cashless... Yet

Two quarantines later, lockdown is beginning to ease, as contact tracking and mandatory testing / vaccines are rolled out. Massive social engineering has reshaped our everyday lives while we've been locked down. Our ability to pay with private currency - cash - has been greatly diminished by the crisis, but not yet removed completely.

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Pit of Hell


Smart devices becoming primary payment type

Canada bough 37 million vaccine syringes

Why I will never use a Smart device

Copper, silver, and cannabinoids vs. covid-19


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The garden is looking great, the tomato plants have a vibrant core and will bounce back just fine.

I think a centralized crypto is the end goal of the cashless system, but the masses need to be eased into it.
Get ready for gov stimulus "airdrops"..

Hopefully "old crypto" will 1000X in value :P

Trying to find some positive outlook in this madness..

Thanks for reporting as always! :)

05.06.2020 15:27

I appreciate your comments! Enjoyable to read, and usually packing some useful info, advice, or feedback. What more could a guy ask for?!
Any news from the East coast tonight? Or this morning, by the time you get this? All quiet in my small BC town, but I hear Vancouver is heating up.

06.06.2020 08:47