Day 59 - Not going back to how it was

Join me out in the workshop to talk about contact tracking, antibody testing, and if there's any way back to how things used to be.

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Pit of Hell


Antibody testing

Your oppressors do unto you as you do unto other animals

Inside look at contact trackers


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The free phones are not a new thing.
I was homeless as well, for the better part of 10 years. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. (the drug addiction part was tough, but that particular hardship helped me see reality.)
Under the Obama administration they were pushing "Obama phones" to the homeless.

I ended up getting a few of them, and they were quick sells for cocaine :P

Yes, Charter and Constitution are defunct.
When I try to talk with some about it, I'm reminded of all the things that are wrong with the Constitution, and that is the moment I realize they just missed the bigger picture.

Thank you for your very insightful content. Keep up the great work bro.

15.05.2020 08:37

10 years, wow! I only had a few months here and there, and it wasn't a happy experience for me. I love having a home. It doesn't have to be grand, but I need someplace with a door that closes, to store my things, and to feel at ease. I'd be happy in a tiny log cabin (as long as it had a large garden and good internet connection).

Thanks for reminding me about the Obama phones, I'd half forgotten about that. Your personal story with them is funny, and probably not rare!

16.05.2020 02:36