Day 52 - Fascism is the New Normal

This crisis has most certainly NOT gone to waste, and fascism is the New Normal. "Non-essential" is the new prohibition. Government has injected themselves deeply into every aspect of society - and the new economy, which can only be 60% what it was before. What we're getting is austerity under another name. Because C19.

A New World Order has long been hinted at. Several months ago, it was officially announced. In recent weeks, it has taken shape, and now, it's going into effect. Cash, privacy, and personal sovereignty are going away forever. Because C19.

Wake up, Neo.

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Pit of Hell


A New World Order officially announced

A New World Order takes shape

A New World Order going into effect:

Legalization is a Lie (2019 - 45 mins)



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07.05.2020 10:04

Very nice job with reporting.
I could probably type 1000+ words in a comment, but it would be a regurgitation of the obvious (for those of us who have seen this coming anyway) grave concerns.

I'm going to resteem this for more exposure, what you were reading, the 60/40% thing, this is new news to me, and so very broad and subject to the whims of change.

My intuition tells me more people are realizing than are coming out and saying... but fear and dependency is going to hold many people back, as well as preparedness, survival skills, health issues, ect.

I thought to myself, at the exact moment you said it: Disturbing.. about the only word I can think of that is fitting at this point. The most disturbing part, is what you and many other people have been warning about for so long is here, in the blink of an eye.

I guess that's all I really have to say right now, what more is there to say?

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to truth and freedom.

07.05.2020 10:06

And now I don't have anything to add because that was the perfect comment. Thanks for sharing my post around, I appreciate that! Have a great weekend.

07.05.2020 22:58

You as well @drutter :)

08.05.2020 19:13

Thanks for keeping up your free and fighting spirit. Unfortunately we've been heading down this road here in the States for awhile now but the covid hysteria has just given our political masters an excuse to push their authoritarian plans - and way too many fools have meekly and willingly sacrificed their liberties. Because "if it saves just one life"...or something.

07.05.2020 16:33