Another YouTube video deleted for COPPA "violation" - because it shows my son's hands

Here's another video coming down to preempt YouTube's COPPA regulations, going into effect in 13 days, forcing millions of content-creators to delete videos, or surrender to neutering (no comments, no ratings, no sharing, no notifications, etc).

YouTube's COPPA purge of late 2019 is underway, and content-creators are pouring over trillions of minutes of footage for anything about, for, appealing to, involving, by, or with children. My channel's videos include several on the chopping block, including this 2010 piece of history. Here it is, recorded in the most complete way I know how, somewhere I believe it won't get censored or deleted. (Then again, that's how we all felt about YouTube back in the day, and look what happened!)

NOTE: I've never shown my kids' faces online, nor posted their names or personal details of any kind. I believe they can choose to give up their privacy themselves, when they're mature enough to understand all the implications. You'll notice a few blurry 'privacy moments' in the video.

I think it's ridiculous that YouTube is shutting (and sometimes memoryholing) entire channels and millions of videos, to "protect the children". What happened to parents supervising their young kids while online? Now we have to censor the whole internet just to supposedly keep the kids safe while they're online by themselves? Something's not right about that!

Bitchute is working well for video uploads and watching. People are flocking from YouTube there in droves right now, especially banned and censored content-creators with important things to say. Signup is free (so is uploading videos) and easy, and they're committed to remain anti-censorship.

Click to watch (2 mins) on Bitchute!

Shame on Google/YouTube/Alphabet for this massive digital book burning! The truth will prevail.


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Yeah, youtube has gone off the deep end of stupid...

28.11.2019 07:01

I'm happy for places like Bitchute. I've been told LBRY is worth checking out too. I like 3Speak but there's a monthly cost and it's somewhat tied to the Steem blockchain. At least there are options now. I hope they thrive.

28.11.2019 07:10

It has been shocking to see the rapid pace of changes right now, with big tech going completely Orwellian and not even pretending otherwise. Makes me think something nasty is coming soon, maybe a false flag event to collapse the economy or bring about world war.

28.11.2019 09:06

Won't somebody pleeeeeease think of the children?!


28.11.2019 09:32

YouTube and the whole mainstream has fallen to crap. We're glad to be on the outside of that disaster, but fear getting pulled into things if the world goes to the dogs. Even alternative sites like Steem aren't living up to hopes.
Good luck to all remaining here. We won't be posting or commenting for the time being, and may not return to the account at all.
Steem on, and end cannabis prohibition!
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28.11.2019 10:28