Ghost Pianist - Original Art [EN/ES] 🎭

This is a drawing I made a few months ago but I forgot to publish it around here, it's an pianist who has the power to summon spirits with her music

Este es un dibujo que hice hace algunos meses pero olvidé publicarlo por aquí, es una pianista que tiene el poder de invocar espíritus con su música


My intention was that it seems to be at the most dramatic and intense point of the song, I hope I have achieved it, here are some images of the process:

Mi intención era que pareciera que está en el punto más dramático e intenso de la canción, espero haberlo logrado, aquí están algunas imágenes del proceso:

Pianista fantasmal 1.jpg
First I did the sketch and then the lineart, doing the piano was very difficult, I had to make a lot of changes to it
Primero hice el boceto y luego el lineart, hacer el piano fue muy difícil, tuve que hacerle muchísimos cambios para que tuviera relación con ella
Pianista fantasmal 2.jpg
Then I put the base colors and first shadows
Despues puse los colores base y primeras sombras
Pianista fantasmal 3.jpg
I painted all the hair and made the base for the background
Pinté todo el pelo e hice la base para el fondo
Pianista fantasmal.jpg
And this is the finished illustration, I made a magic circle on the ground and the light coming out of it illuminates the objects that are above
Y este es la ilustración terminada, hice un circulo mágico en el suelo y la luz que sale de él ilumina los objetos que están encima



Tools: Paint Tool SAI + Tablet Wacom Intuos

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Trying to work out if being able to summon spirits by playing them music is a good thing or not XD Least the player looks like she's enjoying what she's doing and it does look like it's at a high/dramatic point in the song :)

04.08.2019 05:39

Thank you ^^

06.08.2019 17:56


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It's a lovely piece of art! I love the step by step too and your inspiration.
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05.08.2019 03:44

Very nice piece, @drupi! Although the ghosts scare me a little, but she seems to be at ease with the spirits she's summoning, playing her piano with a great passion !!!

I also like the step by step presentation :D Wonderful~

06.08.2019 02:16

wow nice art! Paint tool sai is life!! <3

08.08.2019 02:28

Yes is very easy to use ^^

09.08.2019 14:01

@drupi saludos ante mano, muy buenos gráficos y buenas lineas en tu trabajo te felicito

08.08.2019 20:38

Muchas gracias :D

09.08.2019 14:09

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Thank you so much!

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