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The airdrop of Drugwars dollars


A month ago, we told you how we are working on switching from Future tokens and Obyte to Drugwars dollars on Steem Engine. We also told you how our plan is to have the new tokens implemented in the game by August. If you check your calendars, you will see it is August and this can mean only one thing... THE AIRDROP IS COMING!


If you have done what we have suggested and moved your Future tokens from Obyte to the game, there is nothing more you need to do. Now you can simply relax and watch how your Future becomes Drugwars dollars. For those that still haven't done that, you have to do it by tomorrow so hurry. We do hope that since we gave you a month of time to transfer your Future, most of you listened and are all prepared for what is to come. Are you ready and excited? We sure are!



Steem Engine is an absolutely amazing smart contracts side-chain platform which is built exclusively for the Steem blockchain. It executes custom smart contracts and allows for not only the creation of custom tokens but also a safe place for their market. If you have not seen it already and started your journey of collecting different tokens, now is the time to start. It is available here: Drugwars game will have its token there too and its name will be Drugwars dollars or DWD.

Once the tokens are implemented into the game, you will be able to earn them in daily prize rewards, different contests and jobs in the game, and use them to purchase upgrades. You will also be able to buy them on Steem Engine to use in the game or transfer those from the game into Steem Engine and sell on the market. Keep in mind that while we were using Future tokens, for our players who did not have a steem acount, we created a wallet on Obyte. In the next month, for our players who come to us through social media login, we will provide a steem account per social user.

Do you want your DWD tokens?

The airdrop will take place tomorrow, on Friday, August 9th and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. As long as your Future tokens are in your Drugwars wallet in the game, they will automatically become DWD.

"And just how much will I get?"

20% of the total cap will be in the airdrop and depending on how much Future you have, you will get DWD. For example, at the time this post is being written, the total Future amount owned by players is 14983952 but we will round that up to 15M to make the explanation easier. Since the total cap of DWD is 10M, 20% of that is 2M. This means that 2M of DWD will be in the airdrop. To see how much you will get for your every Future token, simply divide 2M by 15M. Because 2M/15M=0.13, for every Future you have, you will get 0.13 DWD. Of course, this may change a little if, by the time the airdrop happens, more Future tokens are bought by players.

"But I have spent all my Future in the game!"

No worries there. We want to award you too. If you had a certain amount of Future tokens (we are still deciding on how big/little that amount should be to qualify) which you have spent, you will be given some DWD next week as a part of our promotional period. By spending Future in the game, you did impact its price and we want to say thank you and award you for it. At Drugwars, we are thinking about everyone and everything and will try our best to make sure everyone gets their fair share.



As we said, the airdrop will happen on Friday but that is only the beginning of fun times. During the weekend, over Saturday and Sunday, we will have a special event in the game to celebrate our new tokens. Celebrate with us and stock up on your units!

All unit prices will be 50% off if you purchase them with our new DWD tokens. This is the perfect time to stock up on your units and prepare for the upcoming battles. The event will end on Monday and the prices of units will have their normal value for their purchase with DWD. Keep in mind that purchasing units with DWD is instant and not time-managed so once you purchase units with DWD, they will instantly become available to you. If you, however, choose not to participate in this event and purchase units with resources while stocking up your DWD, that is fine too. We understand how there are collectors among our players who will aim to collect as much of DWD as possible and not spend them. We have some goodies for them too.



Our promotional period will last for about a week. During this time, you will have a lot of opportunities to get some extra DWD or some other prizes. This does not mean that we will stop awarding you once this period is over. It simply means that our gift-giving will be bigger during the first week of DWD usage.

There will be different contests and games for you to participate in. They will be easy and award your activity with DWD. You may be asked to answer a question in discord, tip other players, purchase a specific amount on Steem Engine etc. In return, if you are the fastest and the most precise, you will be awarded with DWD and even some perks in the game. Keep in mind that some opportunities will only be available for a short period of time so be quick and read our instructions carefully before participating. This is the perfect time to collect some more tokens so stay tuned and follow our posts and discord channel. We will do as much as we can to provide you with extra opportunities to get more DWD tokens.



To summarize, the fun starts tomorrow and it will go like this:

  • airdrop on Friday, 9th of August
  • have your Future tokens in the game
  • the switch between Future and DWD is automatic
  • buy and sell DWD on Steem Engine
  • earn DWD in the game
  • use DWD in the game
  • weekend event in the game: 50% off units
  • promotional period with more opportunities

If you have a steem account, you have the Steem Engine account. Simply log in with steem connect and enjoy

In the following couple of days, we will provide you with even more information. A tutorial post with instructions on how to move DWD from Steem Engine to Drugwars and from Drugwars to Steem Engine will be published tomorrow while the one with instructions on using tips and gifting other players with DWD will be on Saturday. All information about the upcoming contests and games will be either in our general discord channel or in the post form, depending on the specific contest.


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