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Many exciting things are on the way and there are the latest news, tweaks and bug fixes on the Drugwars game.

  • First of all some people were saying that the fight was not enough strategic. Now all actions have a cost, depending on the number of units and the distance. In order to reduce the cost of your attacks, you will now have to build a strategic outpost near your enemies. Keep in mind that attacking cost twice than transporting resources or stationing units.
  • For the employees of the month and to make it fair, we decided to increase the drugs rewards of the jobs. So you will get a little more, even if you have to spend some drugs to send your troops. We also decreased a bit the power of the NPC's to make it possible to do many jobs without having to wait to recruit units.

  • A new building is available, the strategic center that allows you to reduce the solo jobs reset timer, we might introduce soon the equivalent for gang jobs while changing a bit the way of doing them.

  • Two new units made their way through a thousand applicants to integrate the hyper selective Drugwars units team. We included the Biker (a fast unit) and the Ah64 Apache helicopter (useful to beat high class units and and at the same time the low ones) for more fun and more wars.
  • We’ve heard the complaints about the lottery and we got your point of view and worries. Now, to make it more fair for everyone we’ve added a small change. You can now buy a maximum of 10000 tickets in the lottery, thus letting more chances for everyone to win the lottery. We will also add an extra prize to the winner soon.

  • You have now a whole history of your actions in the settings located on the left bar menu.
  • The cluster size has been reduced for nearly all units to make it more fair for people with a big amount of the same type of units.
  • You notice for a while there has been a Prestige rating attached to your username. That has been revamped and is being created similar to the ELO chess rankings to build a more dynamic and reliable ranking system over time rather than just drug production based rankings, this will be more a fight metric as related to a given user.
  • When you defeat the player that is attacking you, you will get DrugWar Dollars based on the number of enemy units you destroy, so you don't have to always be on the offensive to cash in on in game fighting... maybe even get DWD rich just fighting off attackers.
  • Timers have been corrected as they were not in sync in the client side for certain activities in the game, but now they are corrected.
  • Weapons displayed will refresh more quickly avoiding the bug for incorrect weapons being shown to the player.

Old news (or changes that were in game since more than a week)

  • You can now only station units in your own base. DrugWars is a game where hiddin yourself should not be the first way to go.
  • We has also added a link to the simulator from jobs-so you can just click on the job to make your simulator reflect better what you are attempting, so there are no more annoying pop ups as before.
  • The issue where you need to recruit one unit before depositing in the gang buildings is now resolved.

Upcoming changes

  • To facilitate the creation of outpost we will increase the limit of base that a player can own to 15, and also give the ability to remove any base (except the primary one).
  • The shield will be available in the shop, so if you feel like a bit tired of fighting with your opponents or if you just want to take a break without risking to lose your units, this will be soon possible.

  • Dogs, Mines, Security sytem... You can expect to find them soon as defensive buildings.

As we allways said, we are thankful for all of the players for reporting all the bugs. As DrugWars is still in early access, we would like to ask for your patience we are working on fixing all of the issues that you may face while playing.
Keep on reporting bugs, giving feedbacks and suggestions, that is the only way for us to keep improving DrugWars and to give you the best experience.

Something big is coming, but it is too big to be included in this post! So stay tuned and keep following our blog to know what we are preparing for you. Best of luck to everyone and see you in DrugWars as a friend or an ennemy!

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