eBay: The Greatest eCommerce Site Around!


I love eBay! I've been both a buyer and a seller on eBay for almost 10 years. It's allowed me to sell thousands of dollars worth of stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to make money off of. I've also purchased countless things at a discount to their true price. I love how it democratizes e-commerce and allows anyone to participate. If you sell a lot of stuff you can build up a good reputation and people will be more willing to buy stuff from you.

I've had one of two negative experiences, but the positive ones more than make up for this. In my experience, eBay and Paypal are pretty good at resolving conflicts and make sure that scams are highly unlikely. I've never had an issue returning something that wasn't as described, and as a seller, I've never had someone scam me out of my merchandise.

Some people complain about the high fees as a seller, but in my opinion, it is a fair price to pay. The website allows your merchandise to be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people, not to mention they have to run servers to keep the site up and have customer service, etc. If you want to sell your stuff on your own, it can take a lot more effort, and you may not even receive as good of a price in the end.

I want to hear what others think of eBay and if they've had memorable experiences on the platform. Have you bought or sold something at an amazing price? Or maybe you've had a negative experience that you'd like to share. In any case, feel free to chime in down in the comments.

Have a good one!

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01.11.2019 20:42

I sell on ebay quite a lot.
I lived off only Ebay income for 5 years. I hunt for my items at estate sales, garage sales, auctions.
Now I sell on eBay, etsy & Amazon. I still do ‘flip’ items but also have my own items I manufacture.
It is a great place to start.

02.11.2019 05:34

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

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02.11.2019 05:44