Are You a Doomsday Stacker or an Investor? Let Me Know!


Individuals stack gold and silver for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be for financial stability, capital appreciation, or preparedness for a financial collapse, everyone has their reasons. It may even be for multiple reasons!

I want to know your reasons for stacking precious metals. Personally, I stack only as an investor with no regard for "doomsday" preparation. Although maybe it would help in that scenario I give it no thought when buying my precious metals. They are purchased solely as an investment.

When I watch many of the prominent stacker YouTubers I see many of them talking about wanting to barter with fractional silver when they believe the financial system will collapse. In my personal opinion, this is somewhat of a naive thought although everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions.

If one truly believes there will be a global catastrophe, I think it would probably be better to learn how to farm and have your own solar panels etc. in order to be fully self-sustaining. I doubt many people would be willing to give up their food/fresh water for bars of metal in a true doomsday setting. Although this is beside the point as I doubt there will be a doomsday anyways.

I don't doubt there would be huge capital appreciation of gold/silver in times of financial uncertainty, which is why I invest in the metals in the first place. When people are scared, many of them buy precious metals causing the price to rise. This is why I invest, as a hedge against my stock portfolio and attachment to the financial system. I keep it a relatively low percentage though, as I'm doubtful of a large-scale collapse at this point.

Anyways, let me know what you think! I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions.


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31.10.2019 16:48

I think it's always a good idea to prepare for the unexpected @dropthatcode.
I stack for many reasons.... The Federal Reserve keeps printing, and their goal is 2% inflation per year, of our currency ... U.S....That's 20% inflation every ten years!
Precious metals are investments and they are an insurance policy.....just in case!
The longer I live the more apparent this is, with prices on everything going up and the size of the product getting smaller!
Then there is Little Silvertop that just wants to stack, and stack Lol!😇

31.10.2019 18:04

I totally agree @silvertop!

Precious metals are a great hedge against inflation. Much, much better then holding cash.

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31.10.2019 18:19

Absolutely, I am just so glad me and my buddies got into Silver and Gold years ago!
So many people don't have a clue........
Have a good calling...😀

31.10.2019 18:24

Stack on like Donkey Kong! 👊

02.11.2019 06:22

😀!!!! Yes!!!

02.11.2019 06:37

Thanks for posting from 🦁

31.10.2019 20:03

Most of my stacking is for an inflation hedge but maybe 10% of it is for a shtf scenario. Sure, barter would be standard then but something would be used as a medium of exchange to make barter more efficient. Silver dimes seem to be a good candidate.

31.10.2019 20:33

Interesting perspective, thanks for sharing!

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31.10.2019 20:59

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01.11.2019 00:43