American Silver Eagle Presidential Set - (MS 70)

I picked up these American Silver Eagles last year and have been holding on to them since. It’s a mini set of the last two American Presidents by PCGS. They’re both MS 70 (I promise) and are from the years 2013 and 2017 respectively.

To be quite frank, there’s no reason why these coins should be worth any more than any other MS 70 coin from the same year, however there are some individuals who are willing to pay the premium for them, including me on a rare occasion. It’s mostly for fun.

I have a collection of about a dozen other American Silver Eagles from different years, all MS 70. I’ll be posting pictures of them in the future!

Let me know what you think of American Silver Eagles

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26.09.2019 00:18

The American Silver Eagle is my most favorite silver coin. I stack ASE. Looking forward to your other MS70 ASEs, @dropthatcode.

26.09.2019 02:22

Awesome! Yeah I love the ASE too nice look and great liquidity

26.09.2019 04:44

As per my Sound Money Theory, the One Dollar Silver Eagles are about to become Five Dollar Silver Eagles, giving U.S. Silver/Gold Bullion Coinage, a 10 to 1 Ratio...

September 26, 2019... 1.2 Hollywood Time...

26.09.2019 08:13

Not a chance. The face value is irrelevant, I don’t think there’s any reason to change it. A 1 oz gold eagle is $50, only 3% of its true value, as I’m sure you know. A $5 silver eagle would be like 33% of its value

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26.09.2019 13:26

The United States is Returning to "Sound Money"... Try not to Measure "Sound Money" in the same Breath with any Value still remaining in Federal Reserve (Debt Notes)... They will all be Removed and Replace with "Sound Money" backed by $50 per oz Gold and $5 per oz Silver U.S. Bullion Coinage...

Gold and Silver are about to Flood into the United States Treasury, like there's no Tomorrow, just so People and Countries can get their Hands on "Our Sound Money"... The Central Bank Owners will also be Selling their Gold to get some of "Our Sound Money"...

September 26, 2019... 8.0 Hollywood Time...

26.09.2019 15:02

Fair enough, although I can’t see it happening so soon. I think we still have some years left in the current system.

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26.09.2019 15:08

No... We don't have Years... We're down to Months, if not Days...
September 26, 2019... 8.4 Hollywood Time...

26.09.2019 15:24

Not a chance the dollar crashes in months and a new system is unveiled. It’s gonna take years

26.09.2019 17:24


26.09.2019 20:03