1885 Morgan Silver Dollar - A Valuable Piece of History

The Morgan silver dollar is a popular coin among coin collectors and silver enthusiasts alike. I love how they can be purchased for a reasonable price! Coins like this one, which is in great condition for being a circulated coin, cost around $30 to $40 USD.

I just can’t fathom how a coin from 1885 can still look this good. Don’t worry, I purchased this one from a reputable coin dealer.

I think owning at least some sort of physical gold or silver is good for financial health, and silver coins can be a good entry point for anyone. They aren’t very expensive, but still command a higher price than their bullion counterparts.

Have a great day!

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21.09.2019 01:45

If you post more coins, use the tag #steemsilvergold. We have a coin group on here and are always sharing stuff like this. By the way, that is a great looking Morgan!

21.09.2019 02:39

Thanks!! Good to know :)

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21.09.2019 04:46

History in your hand. I've inherited my Father's coin collection and it included five big Morgan silver dollars like this. A beautiful crown sized coin such that I've added a few more. I'm a member of #steemsilvergold, see you there.

21.09.2019 02:53

People hated carrying them around... They preferred having Paper...

Las Vegas, Nevada used them in their One Dollar Slot Machines...
September 20, 2019... 21.9 Hollywood Time...

21.09.2019 04:53

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21.09.2019 08:22

Nice! The Morgan is a great coin. It's got such a great and classic design. Glad to see that you like the shiny as well!

23.09.2019 01:21