1st Exclusive Open Music Contest - “I Hope You Dance” 🎶

Here’s is my first entry in this new contest! I collaborated with my friend @christinasings for this song. I hope you all enjoy!

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great collaboration man! love both of your voices! keep it up! :)

21.08.2019 01:34

Thank you!

21.08.2019 03:09

Hi drewley,

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21.08.2019 02:18

Thank you for your participation! Nice voicing!

Anyone else want to join this Contest? Follow this link https://goldvoice.club/steem/@senzenfrenz/senzenfrenz-1st-exclusive-steemit-open-music-contest-join-and-win-30-steem


yours @senzenfrenz

21.08.2019 07:49

Thanks man!

21.08.2019 20:20

Wow but what a great success! The background sound was very good, congratulations :)

21.08.2019 19:23

When I go to a bar I usually don't enjoy life performances because they tend to be too loud and you can't hear your companion talking. But I do enjoy listening to you guys. You're such a good piano player and you both have beautiful voices. It's a great performance!

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

22.08.2019 09:36

Thank you!

24.08.2019 00:02

A wonderful collaboration and rendition of this beautiful song @drewley! I really enjoyed listening to your piano playing and the parts when you both sang together :)

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26.08.2019 05:39