Fireflies: Pupa (book 2, entry 37) - Apples for students


(book 2)

Entry 37

"Everything is malleable. You see a solid because you want to see a solid- because it is a joint expectation in a universe where predictions and stability are preferred. But if you wanted to see liquid -" she picked up an apple from the table and it slowly began to flow gently as if it were a candle melting. "You could alter it." She allowed the apple to move slowly, so that he could watch it and absorb what was happening. She could have made it disappear quickly, but in this world - speed had the opposite effect on belief. As Caleb had made the assumption, people would jump to the logical conclusion that it was an illusion - a sleight-of-hand trick. Though she assumed that Derek would be a bit more accepting than the typical human, she still took her time and let him watch the motion, flow, and conversion of the apple.

His breath increased, and his pulse began to quicken as he held his hand out to feel the apple.

She placed it into his hand, and it quickly slipped through his fingertips and onto the ground - a puddle of goo.

Frustration and impatience came rushing from his lungs with a grunt. He bent to scoop it up.

"Stop," Talia said quietly. She looked at him as the scent of apple wafted into the air around them. "Why are you bending over?

"To clean it up and try again."

She just looked at him, waiting for him to understand. They stared at each other, teacher and pupil, until a look of realization crossed his face.

He jerked forward a little, reaching his hand out, and then sat back, awaiting approval.

Talia nodded.

Reaching back out again, he tried to call the apple back into his hands - in any form. It didn't creep back into his grasp, but he was at least able to hold it there, stopping it from spreading along the floor any more.

"I'll help you?"

"Please," he asked, so desperate to wield a power that he knew he must possess.

Extending her hand, Talia placed her fingers onto his wrist, and together, they easily assembled the apple back into its natural form. At first the power simply flowed from her to him, and cycled back. It was with his permission so it didn't feel predatory, but her ulterior motives guilted her. She started to retreat slowly when something distinct awakened, tugged. It felt as if the "stain" that had tainted her during the explosion had recognized its true home, calling out to him. In an unexpected surge, she felt the two sides attempt a connection through her. She severed the connection quickly, and passed the solid apple to him in a playful toss.

"That's all for today."

He smiled, clearly pleased with himself. "Doesn't the student normally bring the apple to the teacher?"

"What do we know about normal?" She smiled back, hiding the fact that for the first time since the explosion, she felt a hint of fear.

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so desperate to wield a power that he knew he must possess.
And so, you should feel a hint of fear, miss Talia.... more than a hint, in fact.
He's to be feared. He cannot be controlled.

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From student... To teacher... To student again?

Such a dangerous game she's playing. But does she have a choice?

A choice that she can live with?


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