Fireflies: Pupa (book 2, entry 36) - And so the teacher becomes the student


(book 2)

Entry 36

He pulled her close this time in greeting, kissing her left cheek, then right. His eyes held some new emotion. Talia couldn't place it, but she felt the tiniest slip of her control.

"Morning, Irina."

"Good morning, Derek."

"Will you show me more today?"

"Hm. We'll see."

He stiffened almost imperctibly, but Talia saw it. Bits of the old Derek were becoming more visible as the days passed. She had to open him enough to accept the possibility of her plan, but not enough to resist. How was she going to be able to do that? Would it be like a dam breaking? Or could she turn the faucet off and on as she needed?

"Fine. Let me get my jacket and we can head to the canyon."

She watched as he stalked back to his bedroom. She could begin. This procrastination wasn't serving her purpose at all. The mundane and trivial daily routine of walking, shopping, cooking, talking - it was all starting to wear on both of their nerves. Eventually, he was going to get angry now that he thought that "Irina" was holding out on him.


He turned back with a slight scowl.

"Maybe we could stay here today and I can test you a bit."

The corners of his mouth lifted, and he restrained himself from sprinting back to the couch.

"Sit down here, and try to relax." She said this more for her own protection than his, but he nodded excitedly, as a child waiting for a treat.

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... and so, the pupil becomes the Master!
Where will these lessons end?

Will the pupil this time eventually win out and become Master again?
or, is this pupil merely biding his time, still Master, in the end? I do not trust him.

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You? But aren't you #teamderek? Heehhe


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I thought Bryd was #TeamDerek?

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Havr you ever heard of #teamknucklehead?

You're about to find out, Mr. Blue.


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I tell you one thing- I love me some Derek but he better stop getting so cheeky. "turned back with a slight scowl" smh who do you think you are? This crazy chick's gonna kill you

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I so want to have a funny reply.. but I'm laughing too hard 😂😂😂😂😂

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