Main Network Summary 1.0


The Dk network is basically the connection, and distributed computing layer of the system. Layers are levels of fundamental system modules, based on the fundamental structure is proof of knowledge, identity and hardware data, the first layers of the system can assemble new layers by taking them from the network in an authenticated and self-audited manner, creating the application or system appropriate for the device and the purpose of the installation.

Each module and function has its unique address based on a cryptographic signature, each block of information has an input and output link, and the modules form links with different functions of the addresses of these blocks of information and functions. A parent function that functions as an automatic compiler called BSDK and a function and module model is called DFM which within the network forms a data structure protocol.

All these blocks of information are encoded by thousands of different links, as each block is used, a living-cryptography is a link that chains all the blocks and their usage, access and authentication cognitions, being a base method for all. as layers linking the modules of the main network.

Dk is all intelligence behind the network, the formulation, decision and ontology frameworks form a knowledge base called Dknowledge, and the layers of abstraction and evolution form an intelligence that is complementing and adding to the collective intelligence of the Drayker ecosystem.

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