The Chevalier And The Supermarket


The year is 1448 and the city is Berlin, Germany. Although the proper name, at that time, for this settlement, should probably be Berlin-Colln. An eclectic conglomerate of peasants, guilds members and freshly made aristocracy, where the second emperor of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, Frederick II Irontooth, decided to start the construction of his new palace, one that will be more indicative of his power and status.

The citizens of that settlement, mind you, didn’t agree with that. There were rumors that the land wasn’t exactly his, also that the project will have a bit of a negative economical impact on the area, you know, the usual stuff. People were starting to talk. At first, to each other. And, after a while, with other people in power. Eventually, the whole thing became a full scale movement, known as the “Berlin Indignation”.

Alas, the Berlin Indignation, as many other full scale movements in history, wasn’t successful, and the palace was eventually built. It was finished 3 years after these events and the citizens lost quite a few of their privileges, as a result of their revolt. Since then, the palace was used as the permanent residence of the Brandenburg electors of Hohenzollern, for a very long time.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We’re not interested on these events.

What we really want to focus on is a tiny time window at the beginning of this whole thing, just when the Berlin Indignation was about to start. Let’s say, just a week. Or, even better, just one afternoon. That time of the day when members of the aristocracy were out on their horses, practicing some heavy fight skills or trying to impress some damsel in distress.

On this specific afternoon, we’re also interested only in a single person. A chevalier, known by the name of Georg, a heavy lad at the peak of his physical and social career – namely, being 28 years old and serving the interests of the dominant branch of the electors. An emperor’s chevalier, to be more precise.

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