Is It Only Me Who Thinks This's Clip On Youtube Is Going Backwards?

Initially, I thought this was an official video of the #eos based, #voice social media platform, which, for what I am aware of, is still in a limbo - after a rather spectacular launch a few months ago (or it was already an year?). But then I realized it's an indie production. Wether it was paid for, or just an altruistic attempt to promote the ever upcoming social media platform based on EOS, that I'm afraid we will not find out very soon.

Either way, the production has some high moments and a few interesting musical twists.

The only thing that I don't know how to make sense of is the backwards movement of - almost - all the characters in the video. Except from Brock Pierce and Dan Larimer, who seemed to move normally.

It is because will "undo" all the (allegedly wrong) learned ways of traditional social media?

It is because we are all going backwards in time? If so, why? And where are we going to stop?

It is because the artist just thought it will just be more interesting this way?

I'm honestly at lost here and I'd appreciate some constructive feedback about this. Also, if anyone has more news about (and by news I mean NOT vaporware or rumors) I'd also be very happy to hear about.

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06.10.2019 13:04


06.10.2019 13:05

Since the initial announcement back in June I usually do a quick google search about once a month to see what or if anything has been announced and I havent seen anything either.

To me this is really negative and have a feeling voice may have the communication experience of Steemit before they made some changes and improved greatly.

Dont have much thoughts on the video beyond just trying to get people hyped for voice.

06.10.2019 13:04

Im disapointed in voice in general. Lacks anything new that twitter and fb arnt already doing. I think it will fail soom as they finish advertising. All im Hoping is it brings in 10s of millions of new users. If 1 million stick around it would be great for eos. Games like eos knights would be insane if they had 1mill users.

08.10.2019 01:42