How Much?

What's the price in your town for an ounce of Devils Lettuce?
Curious to see what the current price is World-wide...
i thought comparisons should be converted back to USD:)
So for an ounce in my neck of the woods, it will cost you roughy....

$233.41 USD

What your local price? edit - also is it legal or illegal?

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140-180 in Colorado Springs. (For good stuff)

03.01.2020 06:36

is it legal or illegal there?

its illegal were i am...fuck em i say

03.01.2020 06:54

~13$ per gramm... (28.34952×13= 368,5438$)

Illegal, but kind of accepted... :inking:
France - Europe:

03.01.2020 07:31

more or less the same price as here, we get to vote on legalisation in November 2020 :)

03.01.2020 07:37

Ha, good luck on that... :smirk:

03.01.2020 07:39

I live in the state of Maryland on the street you can get announce anywhere from 180 to 250 if you go to the dispensary it's going to cost you anywhere from 250 to 350.

03.01.2020 11:40

good pricing and i bet good selection as well :)

03.01.2020 18:33

The Ontario cannabis store has their cheapest ounce at $140.. in the streets I haven't heard of it much cheaper than $100.. swapping crops with buds at no cost is where it at :)

03.01.2020 15:22

way cheaper there - swapping buds is a good plan!

03.01.2020 18:35

yeah this is not the best of green tho, I would say for AAA Blackmarket in Ontario good range is 150 for the premium flower you are going up to 280-380 an oz

03.01.2020 21:19

For great bud Central Coast of California

  • Legal-200-350
    • Not legal-A friend that works at a greenhouse will sell me an oz for 80-100$. Funny thing is, I have not seen him for over a week and im trying to get me an oz, lol. Illl do a post on it once i do.
03.01.2020 20:54

fark $80 - $100 sounds alright

you better call greenhouse dude & harass his arse :)

03.01.2020 22:07

Those flaky legacy market guys 🤨. I’d say that is the main reason old school stoners would use the dispensary (for the regular hours).People want their weed now, not in a week. I hope you get it soon and it’s chronic:)

05.01.2020 16:37

That is one of the advantages going to the club. Getting it when i want, waiting for drugs is such a pain in the ass! Lol

05.01.2020 18:37

I'm in Colorado. Fully legal here. The last ounce I bought was Blueberry Headband for $95.51 /oz

05.01.2020 04:06

fark that's a good deal :)

1/3 of the price here...

05.01.2020 04:17

I have been paying $160 an oz lately here in Phoenix

Was paying $350 for a QP ($87.50/oz) back when I was in Cali.

If you go to the club they have bottom tier for $25 an 8th all the way up to stuff for $50+ an 8th still (indoor top shelf).

08.01.2020 08:44