DailyPetPhotography submissions Day 882

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We read all posts tagged #dailypetphotography everyday and look forward to knowing more about your pets! However, if your photo is not selected today, don't be discouraged! Have another try next time. Meanwhile, you might as well follow other steemians in #dailypetphotography, share anything with them about pets, mix and mingle and make friends! Break the ice, let them know you and your pets!

Please note that only original photos are accepted and selected in #dailypetphotography, plagiarised photos or content will result in disqualification @dPet!

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Today's first pick is as follow:
【Top 1】

@cambalache - Time to take a nap kitty ..read more

【The other Five pick up】

@ace108 - Spotted a cat when I was walking to my inlaws' place. Did you see it ..read more

@d00k13 - I really love that sign for our neck of the woods. Makes for a nice backlit shot day I can Jerry to stop close enough to it ..read more

@nelinoeva - I have been saying that my cat Furry is my model and she truely is. She can stare at the camera and show her best self. Or, like this time she will give me this condescending glance ..read more

@sherylneil - These cute little puppies are from my neighbor. They are spoiled and well taken care of ..read more

@comiccat - I want to sleep always and everywhere. Then again, I might miss something exciting ..read more

Thank you for all the submissions. If you have some pet photos to share, grab a camera, aim, press the shutter and partake in DailyPetPhotography at dPet!

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