Fitting in

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily. She is a very hard-working student. She loved studying so much that she excelled in all her exams. Sadly, she had no friends. Everyone taught she is weird and ugly. She did not know how to make friends and socialise with others.

But one day, she saw a group of beautiful girls. They were very popular especially among the boys in the school. She thinks that they have a perfect and ideal life. She craved the attention and wanted to be known just like them. Slowly she tried to approach the group. But because of her shy nature, she often failed. 

She sat in the corner of the canteen, imagining all the nice things she would experience if she is one of them. Suddenly, the group of girls approached her. The group leader named Natasha invited her to join the group. Happiness and excitement overflowed her. Without thinking much, she quickly said yes. But little did she know that by joining up the group she was going to suffer so much damage.

Lily started to change as soon as she joined the group. She became selfish and arrogant. She learned how to dress up just to get attention. Everyone in the school especially boys started to approach her because of her intelligence, fame, and beauty.

She felt belonged and accepted. 

The group acted nicely and friendly only in front of her. Behind her back, they had planned a lot of dirty things. All of a sudden, the group started to avoid her. Lily was confused and puzzled. She wandered around the school searching for her group. Luckily, she found them and asked: “Have I done something wrong?”. Natasha replied to her “We’ve helped you to become popular, if you want to stay with us, you must do all of our home works beginning today”. Lily agreed to the request. She didn’t want to lose her fame. 

“Our plan worked out perfectly”. Natasha whispered to her group.

From that day, Lily suffered so much. She was overwhelmed with the number of works she had to finish every day. She didn’t get enough sleep and cry to herself every night. Her grades dropped down drastically. But in school, she acted as if nothing had happened.

One day, one of the group members, Emma, went to see her privately. She is a kind-hearted person but also manipulated just like Lily. She revealed all the dirty things that they planned to Lily. Lily was shocked and tears began streaming down her cheeks. “I’m so stupid”. Said Lily. “I’ve also experienced the same thing”. Replied Emma. They started to reflect on the situation and had a deep discussion with each other. 

Since that day, Lily and Emma became best friends. They had learned their lesson. They had realised their worth and they never let people take advantage of them again.

The End

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