Heco's "fancy" BXH: How to become the most explosive DEX?

To date, in the public chain ecology of Ethereum, the total number of DeFi locked up has reached US $ 54 billion, a sharp increase of 45 times in the past year; 24-hour transaction volume reached US $ 2.5 billion, a sharp increase of more than 12 times in the past year; total mortgage loans Amounted to US $ 7.8 billion, an almost 40-fold increase over the past year.

At the same time, in the Ethereum chain alone, Chainlink (LINK), the leading oracle machine with a market value of 13 billion US dollars, UniSwap (UNI), the leading DEX with a market value of 6 billion, and Aave (AAVE), the leading lender with value a market of 5.8 billion, was born. Synthetix (SNX), a leading synthetic asset agreement with a market value of 2.5 billion dollars, and Yearn.Finance (YFI), a leading aggregator with a market value of 1.2 billion dollars.

DeFi is often accompanied by wealth-producing effects, and it seems that it has become a market consensus. The rise and fall of this "jianghu" will increase rapidly this year.

Uniswap and Sushiswap once dominated the DEX arena, and nobody  moved them. Now, with the rapid expansion of Binance Smart Chain BSC and Huobi Ecological Chain Heco, more and more DEX dark horses are "grabbing food". BXH is one of the fiercest.

BXH's decentralized auto market maker (AMM) exchange powered by ecological chain Huobi Heco is expected to go online on March 23.

BXH aims to promote high-quality automatic exchange transactions of all digital currencies in the Heco chain, automatically provide liquidity to the Heco chain, and provide users with a safer and more reliable, diverse and cost-effective transaction experience; and compatible with Ethereum and ERC 20 Various smart contracts are included.

In fact, intense competition and endless hot spots are the main features of the DEX tracks at this stage. In such an environment  , how will BXH  , which  integrates AMM, DAO, and Staking, and brings a new transaction fee distribution mechanism,  will drive DeFi's current market structure, and how will its platform pass BXH tokens to take advantage of the bull market after landing in the same period. How with a backlash after a favorable settlement?


The new income model takes advantage of wealth

The BXH platform is based on the Huobi Heco ecological chain. This is a set of contracts that are propagated across the Heco network. All transactions are carried out on the chain. It  supports single currency mining, collateral LP mining and transaction mining, and is fully decentralized. It can freely store tokens for exchange, and can be withdrawn freely, without registration, identity verification and withdrawal restrictions from centralized exchanges. His partner is not another trading user, he trades with a pool of tokens, and has an automated market creation model for calculating transaction prices.

One of the characteristics of BXH is to pool everyone's liquidity, and then make the market according to an algorithm. That is, it is basically an automated market-building service based on an algorithm. The automated market creation model adopted by BXH is a variant based on the "Constant Product Market Maker Model", which  can provide unlimited liquidity and can have large order sizes without worrying about a small liquidity pool.

At the same time, unlike the very high GAS fees on the Ethereum chain (a single transaction of up to tens of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars), the utilization rate of BXH gas is relatively high, so the transaction fees can be more expensive. reduced to a measly $ 0.001  . BXH can not only serve large mining users, but also have a natural appeal to participants with a smaller scale of capital.

Apart from that, BXH DAO + Staking's original gameplay made the market shine.

BXH adopts DAO contract operations.  All major decisions, including but not limited to: liquid mining pool weight parameters, cost weight, buyback and crushing weight, half cycle, new currency mining pool, etc. Everything will start through the DAO community. And vote on proposals to achieve true decentralization.

In the DAO BXH system   ,  the BXH platform token is used as a governance token, and token ownership is the only measure of the user's rights and voting weight.

The BXH platform pass is a certificate (handling fee) for the user to participate in an AMM platform transaction.

Through the Staking BXH function provided by the platform,   token  holders can pledge BXH tokens into the fund pool to become DAO members and receive dividends. The platform will inject 0.05% of the handling fee into the daily pool of buyback funds, and  the smart contract will distribute it proportionally to the wallets of token holders participating in the bet.

In fact, this "buyback pool" is equivalent to "incentive pool." Apart from acting as a market maker, it can also be used as a promotional and distribution tool for token projects. Through a pool of incentives, automated market makers can distribute platform tokens to users who wish to increase tokens via anti-sybil attacks, and at the same time create a liquid market for tokens. With the incentive pool,  BXH token holders not only make money through the secondary market, but also have a second level of income protection.

On this basis,  plus a fee distribution mechanism designed by BXH:  For digital currency transactions at BXH, a fee of 0.3% will be charged to the taker, of which 0.2% will be allocated to the maker, the liquidity pool provider, 0.05 % will be used to buy back BXH platform coins and put it into DAO, the remaining 0.05% will be used for fuel storage, and if there is no special purpose every month, will be repurchased and burned.

At this point, the  four main mechanisms of extremely low handling fees, higher maker rebates, DAO member buyback dividends (betting bonus pool), and monthly buyback sales have a synergistic effect.  BXH has collected profits and then shipped first, and developed the most profitable AMM Gameplay Market stream. It is expected that the high results after being online can attract large traffic in a short time.

It is worth mentioning that while maximizing the feedback to participants,  BXH's buyback and fee-breaking mechanisms also embody an ecological closed loop of self-driving value-taking,  which will ultimately enable token holders and BXH DAO to enjoy a sustainable dividend premium Token platform. 


DEX that explodes the fastest

The public chain that underlies BXH is Heco, with a TPS of over 500 and a block generation time of only 3 seconds, which are 32 times and 4 times that of the Ethereum network, respectively. Smart contracts can also be compatible seamlessly. Can meet user needs in terms of security, speed and ease of use.

It is important to know that Ethereum bottlenecks have led to a sharp increase in the cost of participating in DeFi, whether it is engaging in mining or trading, lending and financial management, it can easily cost tens or even hundreds of dollars. In other words, the current Ethereum stage has not been able to bring about the rapid development of DeFi and has led to the "overflow" phenomenon.

What does this situation mean?

Ethereum congestion causes excessive DEX transaction fees and slow transaction speeds, which will encourage user migration. And chains and DEXs like Heco and BXH that can make this migration will no doubt take over the wealth creation effect of DeFi on the Ethereum chain and benefit from it.

More convincingly, Heco's public chain is positioned to be highly energy efficient, facilitate innovative applications, and be developer-friendly. As a project built on BXH, Heco will provide support from promotions, traffic and resources. The Heco chain can now circulate Erc20 and BTC tokens, ETH and other major currency mapping assets. BXH just needs to provide better liquidity. It is based on the advantages of the trading platform public chain project and does not require a cold start.

As well as Heco's empowerment, BXH has the possibility to become the fastest exploding DEX. There is another factor:  the flagship CVNT Web3.0 Blockchain project will start CVNT / USDT LP liquidity mining at the same time the BXH platform is launched. It is  expected This will be the platform's first liquidity mining pool with a super quantity quantity.

Various data show that BXH, the DEX which will be launched at the end of the month, has a very solid "basic skills". With the onset of the subsequent liquidity battles, including but not limited to the assets of the Huobi H family, the ecological chain of the Huobi Heco project, the Popular DeFi project, the assets across the mainstream chain, etc. also expected to start mining LP liquidity on the platform one after another.

As the most explosive DEX, BXH could even become the main issuance place for new assets at Heco. With the increase in assets at Heco, especially the DeFi project development, BXH has the opportunity to provide transaction services for more assets, thereby expanding the scale of its transactions. At that point, the entire ecology and platform token will soon take off.


The DEX arena will definitely change

Imagine a friend finds you in 2019 and says: "Hi, I have a business idea. I plan to run a market building robot. Anyone who asks a question, I'll quote right away. I will use x * y = k as a pricing Algorithm. That's all. Do you want to invest? "

You have to run.

In fact, the idea of ​​your friend is the world's simplest auto market maker (AMM), and he's already hit the rocketing magic of Uniswap in 2020.

BXH inherits Uniswap's core design, develops its own unique pricing function, and has a new revenue model. BXH has the potential to change the current DEX landscape.

The BXH platform launch countdown will be followed by continuous airdrops. It is recommended that investors wishing to bet on the next wave of the DeFi outbreak should actively pay attention to its official announcements.

This article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation or offer to buy or sell. This document should be used for general research purposes only. This does not constitute an endorsement of professional investment advice, recommendations or independent analysis, and should not be construed as a commitment to the pursuit of the goals and objectives described here, namely for staff. to change from time to time at the discretion of the team. Therefore, the information contained in this Article has not been prepared in accordance with the relevant governing rules and regulations such as publication in various jurisdictions.

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