Dance (contest) week 201 - The longest-running event on Steemit

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Dear dance lovers

This dance event is almost four years old and thanks for taking part. I think soon or later it will be a very popular dance event.

How to enter:

One entry per person only.

This dance event is aimed at people over 18 years old.

Write a post in the "Dance and music" community.

Videos should be at least one minute long. You need to share a dance video and not a picture.

The title should be, "Dance week 201" if you are taking part purely for having fun. You will still win if your dance is one of the best.

The title should be, "Dance contest week 201" if you think you can win. Of course, you want to have fun too.

Create your entry post by next Friday, 18/06/21.

@Steemcurator01, thank you for supporting this community!

New prizes:

Each one of my top five entries will receive 10% of this post payout. Prizes will be bigger than the prizes delivered before if this post receives a good payout.

@sebastian14 You dance very well but please read about eligibility,

2 - @yorbe12,

3 - @joselintablante,

4 - @yajamire,

5 - @reinamia,

These are the other lovely entries starting from the earliest to the latest submission:











My entry,

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Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for watching!

Comments 13

Felicidades a todos los que pudieron participar. Ya en estos días me activo a bailar mi amigo Donatello. No he estado bien de salud. Te mando un abrazo. 😘😘😘

13.06.2021 15:52

Felicidades, a los participantes, que disfrutaron de esta actividad y se divirtieron al maximo seguimos bailando!

13.06.2021 17:53

Sigamos activos y bailando chicos, vamos!

13.06.2021 17:54

Mi participación para la semana 201. Espero les agrade. Saludos a todos

13.06.2021 23:24

@kingtamarah, @yorbe12, @joselintablante, @yajamire, @reinamia.
Your prize will be bigger than usual.

14.06.2021 01:16

Que maravilla !!! Gracias !! Felicitaciones para todos 🎈

14.06.2021 04:15

yeyyyy! I will post my entry tomorrow!

14.06.2021 02:05

Wow what a great contest to motivate and encourage people to grow their talents and be happy about it am so mush prepared for this contest I know am the winner already because I have faith in myself

14.06.2021 07:55

Yes, please feel free to take part!

15.06.2021 10:19

hola apreciado amigo @donatello me uno a participar en esta semana de baile
Dance (contest) week 201// 16-6-21 Oasis Ministry - Papá @kids.atamaica

17.06.2021 01:46
18.06.2021 20:46